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"Reflexology for your body, mind and spirit.""

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Reflexology is more effective than a simple foot massage. Stress, pain and mental strain can all be decreased after only one session! Reflexology can be your wellspring, your perennial and infinite resource for healing physically, emotionally and mentally.

Have your emotions, stress and anxiety seemed to have taken over your life?

Having too many commitments, family or work issues and feeling it in your body?

Have you been dealing with physical pain?

Reflexology can help you!

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Reflexology is beneficial for those whose lives are filled with stress, are experiencing pain in their body, trauma survivors and those who may be feeling depressed, anxious and more.


During this time of increased public health concerns, please know there is an option for Distance Sessions!

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Cranio-Sacral Reflexology is a unique form of reflexology integrating osteopathy, cranio-sacral therapy and reflexology.  This form of reflexology encourages the potential within your creative brain to bring balance to your physical body, enhance your emotional well-being and improve your mental clarity.

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Ear Reflexology, not as well known as foot reflexology, can alleviate many discomforts you may be experiencing.  An ear reflexology session is ideal for someone who may have overly sensitive feet. It is a shorter session and can be equally as powerful as a foot reflexology session. An interesting fact about ear reflexology: our ears show only what is out of balance in our body today. Chronic conditions will only appear if bothering you today, and only if it is still an issue in your body, mind or spirit at the time of your session.

Together we will walk, side by side, along the path set before us. We may find ourselves crossing a bridge in order to better understand a physical, emotional or mental concern during a session. I will use specific reflexology techniques, and quite possibly some sound therapy (therapeutic singing bowls, a tuning fork, rattling, or drumming) during  your unique session.

Balanced Bodycare, PLLC offers individualized and unique experiences incorporating Cranio-Sacral Reflexology, Ear Reflexology and / or Sound Therapy in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

Join me at my water front location, in Olympia Washington, a tranquil place for you to truly relax and heal.


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