Balanced Bodycare, PLLC

Cranio-Sacral Reflexology

"Reflexology for your body, mind and spirit.""


In today’s busy world we all need to slow down and take better care of ourselves not only for our peace of mind, but for our health as well!

Balanced Bodycare, PLLC offers just what you need, Cranio-Sacral Reflexology sessions lasting 90 minutes, and Vibrational Sound Therapy sessions in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

Join me at my water front location in Olympia Washington, a place for you to truly relax and heal.

This unique form of reflexology integrates osteopathy, cranio-sacral therapy and reflexology.  It encourages the potential of the creative brain to bring about homeostasis (balance) in the body. To read more about reflexology take a look at the “About” page. Then visit the contact page and request a session!

Vibrational Sound Therapy utilizes the healing powers of vibration and sound in order to deeply relax the body and mind.  For more information about this modality take a look at the VST page.

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