Session Information

All sessions are 90 minutes of Cranio-Sacral Reflexology as a stand alone session. However, some sessions may include one, or both, of the following:

Intra-Oral Massage – an option to enhance cranio-sacral work in the body

Working within the mouth is a powerful and effective way to help the body achieve balance. The jaw and the mouth have immediate structural and functional connections with the cervical spine (neck), the cranial base (head) and the viscera (organs). Through local manual treatment, via massage, the body is able to release long-held tension, allowing optimal movements in the jaw and neck. This type of massage is particularly helpful for TMJ / TMD, Bruxism (teeth grinding or clenching), whiplash, headaches, scoliosis, orthodontia (both during the time a person has braces, or after they have been removed), post-operative recovery, and many other conditions.


Acupressure is based on one the most ancient principles of healing – that simply touching a specific point on the body will release stress and improve health in the body. When offering acupressure, I apply firm pressure directly to these “points” on your body, which relieves your muscle tension and improves your circulation. This simple and powerful technique has been shown to very effective in treating headaches, backaches, and even insomnia.

* When coming in for your first session, please print and fill out the appropriate form(s), including the Authorization form. Simply click on the form and you will have the option of printing it.



Session forms:

Reflexology Intake Form

Intra-Oral_Massage  Form

Authorization / Financial Form