Intra-Oral Massage

An option to enhance cranio-sacral work within your body.

Much of our life stress is held within the soft tissue structures of our face, neck and mouth.

By massaging your facial muscles, neck muscles, and the muscles inside your mouth, the body is able to release long-held tension. This release will allow your jaw and neck to move more freely.

Working within the mouth is a powerful and effective way to help the body achieve balance. The jaw and the mouth have immediate structural and functional connections with the cervical spine (neck), the cranial base (head) and the viscera (organs).

This type of massage is particularly helpful for TMJ / TMD, Bruxism (teeth grinding or clenching), whiplash, headaches, scoliosis, orthodontia (both during the time a person has braces, or after they have been removed), post-operative recovery, and many other conditions.

Please note: During the intra-oral (internal) portion of the session the therapist will be wearing vinyl gloves for hygiene purposes.