A year ago today …

Life can change a lot in a year.  In the big picture, things and people you always thought would be there can be physically gone from your touch (and your sight) in no time at all.  A year ago today I was on a plane.  I was heading east, hoping to have some last minutes with my mom.  I can recall the intense feeling of “needing” to be there when I woke that morning a year ago.  The frantic suitcase packing, and then how the car didn’t seem to go fast enough to get me to the airport, not to mention the slowness of the flight itself.

I am happy I was able to spend time with both of my parents before they left this earth.  First my dad in 2012 and then my mom in 2015.

During my special time with them I was able to show them what it is that I do now … not exactly the typical nurse they thought was their daughter. I was able to give my dad some cranio-sacral reflexology while he was in the hospital. During those times I was able to be closer to my dad than I had ever been in my life. Not only did I give to him, he showed me the power of touch like I had never seen or experienced before in my life.

My mom was a different experience.  Ironically, I did not give her any reflexology at all.  She was in need of purely cranial work, and not via her feet .. her body wanted my hands on her head. It amazed me how mis-shapen her head felt to my fingers. No wonder she seemed to be struggling with leaving her body.

In both cases, having that time to be in the quiet space with them was (and is) something I cherish everyday. My parents had such peace when we completed our sessions together.  They both rested more soundly and simply appeared to be at peace.

I will never forget.

Life can change a lot in a year.