look, LISTEN … and feel

” … We are not listening for symptoms but for a pre-established priority set in motion by the Health of the patient.”             – Dr. James Jealous
(This partial quote is from Wisdom In The Body by Michael Kern)

During a Cranio-Sacral Reflexology session there is a lot of LISTENING going on.  Not only during the intake time, when a client is telling me what is going on with them and how their body is feeling.  And then there is the listening going on when I am in that quiet space during a session.  The body on my massage table, or in the reflexology chair, is usually ready (and more than willing) to let me know what is in need of my attention. I am listening to the body telling me how to return to wellness, the “pre-established priority”.

I listen not only with my ears (as most of us do every minute of every day) but also with my hands. My hands have become invaluable when it comes to listening to a client’s body.

Throughout the years I have noticed my hands pick up subtle changes not seen with the eye.  Sometimes these changes are on a more energetic level that a physical level. For me that means feeling the energy (a buzzing, vibrating, heat, or heaviness in my fingers) verses feeling changes in the actual physical tissues (congestion or thickening of the tissues, stringy fibers, tight muscles, tendons or ligaments, or dense areas like pellets).

Those energetic changes (which I feel are more like messages) are just as important, if not more important, than the physical changes I notice during a session. These energetic changes I am noticing have not “settled in” to the physical body just yet.  Which means they can be prevented from becoming physical!  Imagine receiving clues your body is not fairing so well in a certain organ and being able to “shift” things in order to help that organ, and your entire body as a whole, remain healthy!

The feet have been mapped, many times by different cultures and over many thousands of years. I hope to share some of those maps with you in future posts. Those maps are another tool for listening.  Seemingly insignificant aches/pains in certain areas of the foot can indicate an area of the body is asking for attention.  The feet are providing clues to what is going on in the entire body!

If you only listen.

Once I listen, I am able to help clear and then gently guide the body toward healing itself. The human body is amazing.  The ability it has to repair and heal, if we only provide it with the nourishment and rest it needs, and simply “allow” some of the healing to happen =  Wonderful results can take place.

The body talks, if you open your mind … and take the time, to truly listen.