look, listen and FEEL

We have chatted about looking and listening, now let’s chat about what we can FEEL during a Cranio-Sacral Reflexology session. I was thinking.  How shall I begin this post? How can I convey how important the sense of touch is to me, and to my work?

“We use our hands diagnostically, perceptually, and therapeutically – that’s how simple and profound this is.”
– Dr. James Jealous
(This partial quote is from: Wisdom In The Body by Michael Kern.The remainder of this quote was included on the previous post)

Just the other day, while scanning through the newsfeed on my phone, I found an article from the Smithsonian.  The article was about an artist who changed his art medium from bronze to what he calls “screw paintings” in order to have blind individuals be able to touch and more fully understand his artwork. In the video you can watch how a visually impaired person can “see” with their hands and what a gift that is for them.

Just like that artist, I have changed how I interact with clients (now) / patients (previous profession) over my 28 years in healthcare.

During a Cranio-Sacral Reflexology session, I feel as if my hands have eyes.  There are times I am working with a client and my eyes are closed, my hands are doing he “seeing” for me. Feeling the subtle changes in the tissue, and the energy in the tissue provides me with more information than my eyes ever could. Having this additional level of information, I am better able to assist the body to make changes in order to assist with discomforts, as well as promoting health and well being. Ultimately assisting the person to “feel” better and more comfortable in their body!

I am grateful for the ability truly LOOK, the ability to LISTEN, and especially the gift of being able to FEEL!

Which sense are you most grateful for today?