MOVE, moving, moved

There comes a time when you feel that “urge” to move. Moving can mean many things, depending on the person and depending on the message meant to be received. Sometimes this involves physically moving your location.  This is where I am.  I have been noticing things have not been “feeling right” for me at the space I have rented now for 6 years.  Something has changed.  I am not completely sure what that was, but it made me take notice.  There are times the universe talks to you and lets you know it is time to move, whether that be moving an office or moving your body.

I am excited, even though at this time there is not a signed lease.  My office belongings will be moved today and held in a stasis of sorts, awaiting to get back into action. I know this holding pattern will not last forever.  Having time away from the office allows me to recharge and focus on another aspect of reflexology – teaching preparation.

With the change in activities, and sitting for longer periods of time, I have noticed even more changes.  This time in my body.  Sitting is something we as humans are not meant to do for long periods of time.  However, thanks to technology, specifically the computer, we are sitting more and more these days. Have you noticed what your body feels like when you get up and move after sitting for a while?  Perhaps stiffer?  Slower to move initially? Or maybe even a groan involved with those first steps?

We all need to move.  This may mean a physical moving of your residence (home or office), or moving your body with any sort of exercise! Not everyone is cut out to have a gym membership and the discipline to go there every day.  However we can make the effort (and take the time) to do something as simple as taking a walk.  There have been studies proving the positive effects of being in nature.  So, … how are you going to move today?