img_2287Everyone needs support.  To be in a community where you feel “you belong”.  A place where you feel supported, safe and can truly be who you are.

In October, while I was away from my office receiving some additional training in Cranio-Sacral Reflexology, I had the opportunity to stay in a beautiful home of a fellow CSR practitioner and teacher.  While visiting I was able to walk the grounds and enjoy the colors of fall, my favorite season.

One day while spending some time alone between classes I found this unique tree, supported and intertwined.  Taking a few moments I really looked at the tree(s), and noticed how they were supporting each other and becoming one beautifully grounded piece of nature for us to behold. Sometimes we all need to have that “support” in order to grow in to the person we are meant to be.

How are you feeling “supported” in your life?