New Year, New You!

What did you do to welcome in the New Year 2017? Many people think of a New Year as a clean slate.  A time to clean out and purge the “old” in order to welcome in the “new”. A time to appreciate the passing year and prepare for the abundance that is to come.

If you were like many, you made some resolutions.  You set intentions on how you want your year to unfold.  Many times a list of resolutions includes things like … eating healthy, losing weight, exercising regularly (what ever that means to you).  Or maybe the list includes things like travel and trying some new activities in order to strengthen your body or mind. Or, perhaps your resolutions include taking better care of yourself by trying out different therapies in order to support the work you are doing to change and improve your life!

Since moving to Olympia, and re-creating my business in order to specialize in Cranio-Sacral Reflexology, I have committed to caring for myself just as much as (if not more than) I care for my clients.  After all, how can I expect client’s to come in for regular weekly sessions in order to improve their health, if I am not committing to do the same for my own health and well-being?

In 2017 I will continue to care for myself in multiple ways:

Meditation – found a great app which can help me with this when I am too much in my head to have any positive effects on emptying my mind.

Spending time in nature.

Continuing with Body Therapies – acupuncture and acutonics, massage, structural integration / Rolfing, chiropractic when needed and energy therapies.

Healthy / Nutritious eating – home made meals / organic foods. And when “out and about” I will make conscious decisions about what restaurants I choose to visit.

Expanding my mind, and practice, with continuing education.

Now that we are entering a whole new year of expansion and growth, these are my plans (so far) for 2017.  What are your plans?