Reflexology for your body

The tagline I use with my business is “Reflexology for your body, mind and spirit!” What does that mean exactly?

During a Cranio-Sacral reflexology session we are tapping in to many levels of your being.

The obvious one is your physical body – Helping to ease discomforts in your body. We do this together by addressing particular areas which may be causing you discomforts, areas which may be out of alignment, or needing a reminder of how to return to a state of balance.

Client’s come for a session with discomforts, sometimes obvious ones – limping in to the office, or not so obvious ones – which are revealed as they tell me why they have scheduled the appointment.  There have been times when a client has come in not really knowing why they are there. They say something like “I heard this may help” or “My friend recommended you”.

Reflexology helps your body to reset, to self-correct and move forward in life.  Foot reflexology will effect all the systems, organs and glands within the body.  Not only will you notice a change in the blood flow within your feet, the circulation throughout your whlole body will be improved!

Digestion is another area which can have significant improvements when regular reflexology sessions are a part of the healthcare / wellness plan you provide for yourself. Whether that be assisting with the digestion of foods within the stomach and small intestine, or helping to relieve constipation.  The goal of all reflexology sessions is to balance the body and promote homeostasis within the entire body.

Listening to the physical body is just one part of a session.  I always keep in mind … There are more levels which are tended to during a session.  What will your body reveal to you during a reflexology session?  Are you listening?