Earlier this month I attended a Breath Circle here at my office. It was not my first time, and will not be my last. Part of the practice involves bringing an item or items to place in the energy of the circle – I think of this as part blessing, part intention, and part honoring the space and practice of those involved.


This month I felt drawn to place a few items in the circle – meaningful stones and flowers from my home and the land here at Sound Wellness. It was a Full Moon Breath Circle focusing on the releasing which happens in the light of the full moon. I placed my stones in a specific location, creating a mandala, along with some other items brought by other attendees.

A friend had gifted the stone located at the top of the photo – the direction of north, if you will. After receiving the stone I took a closer look and immediately noticed something.  There is the side view image of a human skull on the stone! For me, there was an immediate connection with this stone. It spoke to me and what it is that I do.

Directly below this is another stone – the direction of south if you will – I collected this one while on an amazing journey with my mentor in eastern Canada. I had chosen to continue my education in Cranio-Sacral Reflexology and knew it would become the “base” of what I did in my professional life. If you look closer, you will see this stone appears to be a quartz with some strong dark lines transversing through it at the broad base end, as well as the tip. For me, this represents the sacrum and coccyx and the “base” of the spine.

On one side of the mandala I placed a gray stone with black lines and the word “COURAGE” etched in to it, something we all need from time to time. The black lines reminding me of struggles I have had in my life. I placed it with the hopes of summoning in more of that courage.

On the opposite side I placed a smooth green stone etched with the word “PEACE”.  This is not the first stone I have owned with that particular word etched in to it.  I once owned a larger green, heart shaped, one with Peace carved in to it which I gifted at  a ceremony in Alaska years ago.

Peace. Something I have been focused on, longed for and felt in my life over the years. It is something I encourage, WELCOME and ALLOW, during sessions.  Having received the gift of peace during sessions with other practitioners, it is my wish to provide the same sense of peace for my clients.