While riding my bike on a local bike trail I saw this downed tree. The sweet smell of an evergreen filled the air as I rode by the trunk laying beside the trail. There is something about the distinct smell of an evergreen that causes me to take notice, and breathe the essence of that magnificently strong tree even deeper into my body.  (Cedar is my absolute favorite, you should see me when I walk through the lumber section at HomeDepot!)

IMG_2684After smelling that freshly cut tree, and seeing it right there by the trail, I knew I had to stop.  It was as if that tree was calling to me … “Come here and take a look”. As I stood there, admiring the age and wisdom held within that tree’s trunk, I was drawn to the sap weeping from within. I knew I HAD to take some photos and I KNEW I would be writing about this here in my blog.

It was the weeping, at that moment, that fascinated me. How perfectly clear and perfectly formed the droplets were. Glistening there in the sunshine.

Would many other bikers or walkers stop to notice? Was this the spirit and life blood of the tree reacting and weeping because of the storm which caused it to fall? Was the weeping caused by the cut of the chainsaw which was required  because it happened to fall across a paved trail?

I started thinking … Just as this particular tree was weeping, sometimes we as human beings need to weep. At times there is such sadness in our lives, and in our world, that it becomes “too much” and it MUST come out.

It seems to me there are many who, for one reason or another, choose not to weep. Instead they hold ALL of that sadness inside. Maybe they were told to “stop crying” as a child, possibly they were even punished for crying. Or, maybe some are very sensitive beings and cry easily and then are told by an authority figure that they cry too much and need to “suck it up”. Oh imagine the effects this has on their body, mind and spirit!

During Cranio-Sacral Reflexology or Vibrational Sound Therapy sessions these long held emotions can, and do, come to the surface. Many times the emotion(s) which seems to come up during a session involves tears. Some clients struggle to hold those tears back.

I have been that client on the treatment table. When first starting to have regular bodywork many emotions and memories came to the surface for me. I would consciously change my breathing in order to “control things” and not “loose it” while on the table. However, the more bodywork I had … the more those emotions and memories, which I was trying to “keep in check”, could not be contained within my tissues any longer.

Allowing emotions to come to the surface, and actually be expressed, is a gift your body gives to you. Consider this … Do you hold your emotions inside? How often do you give your body permission to release emotions? Have you ever considered the effects those pent up emotions may have on your health and well-being?

I invite you to come … share space with me … as we create a special place for you to allow whatever emotions your body needs to release, to come to the surface, be acknowledged and set free.

Sometimes there is no need for words. By giving your body, mind and spirit the time and space to let go of that which is no longer needed can be very nourishing indeed.

Ahhh, the wisdom found in that single weeping tree.