Oh my aching feet …

I can not tell you how many times the phone has rung and the person on the other end tells me their feet are “aching”.  There are many reasons why our feet feel sore and ache.  What we all need to remember is our feet are our foundation.

Think about it … Just as our homes are meant to have a solid foundation in order to support our house structure, the same is true for our feet!  After all, feet are supporting  the entire body, not to mention propelling us forward in life. How are you taking care of that foundation?

Sometimes there is an injury, a twist of the ankle, or maybe a pair of shoes we haven’t worn in a while. Many situations involve strain in the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments or fascia) causing things to tighten up in the lower leg and foot.

How can we prevent and ease the stress on our feet?  Most importantly, DO NOT ignore things.  Those aches are messages!  Remember you feet require attention and are longing for you to notice them and care for them.  The feet are definitely responsive to stretches, soaks, and of course reflexology.