Just the other day I noticed how wonderfully colorful my yard is.  Having perennial plants flowering is an amazing gift received without much effort at all. The same can be true for you!

Yes, you need to find the best location for the plant to root itself, and actually do a bit of work digging in the soil, etc. However, then you simply water as needed and allow the growth to happen!

As I looked at the flowering iris my yard, I was in awe of the kaleidoscope like image I captured with my camera.  It made me think of life … and how, though things may twist and turn and cause discomforts … there is a beauty in it all.

[wpvideo c4J8mtnW ]

How can we relate this ” perennial care” to us personally in order to “last or exist for a long or apparently infinite time”?

First of all, we need to cultivate and our “perennial” body on a regular basis:

Physically: It makes me think of the need for grounding. Being here and now. Focusing on yourself and who is here beside you. Knowing you can only do so much in a day, a week, a month, and a year. Being sure to nourish your body … physically, emotionally and mentally. How are you caring for your roots?

Emotionally: Sharing our emotions, not only with ourselves – acknowledging how we are feeling to ourselves, or maybe journaling, … but also sharing our emotions with others.  Letting our friends and family know how we are feeling, and maybe how they make us feel. Sometimes that may involve darker less accepted emotions, yet emotions we NEED to release out of our physical bodies so that the energy associated with those emotions does not remain stuck in our physical bodies, and potentially cause disease. Aerating is important with plantings and our bodies as well.  Are the breaths you take filling up your lungs? Or, are they shallow breaths barely lifting your chest?

Mentally: Remembering we all need to reach for the sky and truly shine in our place on this earth! We NEED to open not only our hearts, but our minds, to embrace the new … the sunshine feeding our souls and allowing us to grow. Allowing that pure white light to enter our bodies, permeate every cell, clear us, and feed us. When thinking back to plants: Being alkaline or acidic … in the plant world, or our own lives. Just as the pH can effect how well your flowers bloom, having toxic /negative thoughts has detrimental effects for your body. Spending time in nature and “clearing your head” can help turn those negative thoughts to more positive ones

We need to do these important, and rather simple, things in order to be able to “bloom where we are planted” and to show the world our beauty and colors.