A week ago or so, back in my yard, I found myself taking yet another photo of a flowering rhododendron.  What beauty that planted displayed, do you agree?

A thriving, old growth planting, placed here long before my time on this land. Prodded me to notice how people thrive in our world. Yes, there are times when I see client’s who are feeling downtrodden, in pain, dealing with the results of a motor vehicle accident, or maybe stressed out and unable to sleep. Yet we all thrive in our own way, even in lieu of circumstances beyond our control.

Thriving (aka: Prosper, flourish, to grow or develop vigorously ) is not necessarily an easy thing for many of us. Sometimes growth can be uncomfortable in people as well as in plants – I am inferring this from watching some plants struggle with the bursting forth process – as well as in humans.

There are times when something new can be uncomfortable for some people, yet once the mind opens up and allows the body to experience, the growth is exactly what was needed! I have witnessed this happening with client’s on my massage table. They scheduled the appointment wanting to experience reflexology, however expecting more of a massage. Maybe a little agitation is noted at first, however once their body gives the go-ahead, the emotions and mind can welcome the sessions benefits and release what is no longer needed.

It is time to thrive … shine your light!