Many plants can easily show they are healthy and doing well by growing flower buds and then allowing them to open.  In the process they are allowing the sweetness of their lives to be on display for us to enjoy and others  to enjoy – such as the bee in this photo! Truly prospering, flourishing … offering and sharing what they can for others to use as they see fit. Many times this is how I feel about my chosen profession.

I have learned to prosper by being open to what information my clients are bringing to each session. If all goes well, clients have listened to their bodies and cultivated their garden so to speak. They have done their best to care for themselves on a day-to-day basis, however now (for some reason) they are finding themselves in need of some assistance in order to fully prosper in their lives. They call and schedule an appointment.

Now initially they may come in reporting a discomfort in their body, a new injury or maybe a long term issue which has “reared it’s ugly head”. Yet when I listen to what their body has to say I may choose to focus on an area opposite of their original discomfort area. Why? Because our bodies do what they can to compensate for the painful area, thus causing an imbalance throughout. Sometimes working from the inside out (deeper seated issues over superficial complaints), or the partnered area (like the opposite shoulder) is the best, rather than heading directly to the painful area. In the end our goal is to have you, and your body, successfully relax, move smoothly in life, thrive and prosper!

How are you prospering in your life right now?