I photographed this tree in a public park in Dublin Ireland last year. I could have easily spent hours communing with this amazing tree.  I was seeking a few moments communicating with the tree, learning lessons for my life. Most trees give me a sense of “as above, so below”; a reaching for the heavens while staying grounded in this world, a calmness I find hard to explain. As I look at the photo 9 months later I am reminded of something …

Staying true to yourself. Staying grounded even in a storm, wether that be an actual weather related “storm”, or something more like having another person talking (quite) strongly to you, and you feeling like they are throwing daggers at you. Staying grounded and true to yourself is important in life.

Recently I had such a situation myself.  Someone confronting me and actually feeling the anger and hatred in their words, and in the room itself. It brought me to tears. Those words she used caused me physical pain in my body, like dark spirals being trust onto my abdomen. I was stunned.

I did my best to sit tall in my chair, feet flat on the floor, grounding myself so as not to be pushed over or away. I did this in order to truly hear her words, attempt to understand the anger she was thrusting at me, and hold my own ground. But those tears streamed down my face, I was not able to hold them back.

Once she had completed her “venting” of how I had wronged her, I wiped my tears and proceeded to have my say. Apologizing for an action I did which she found so offending, yet reminding her of how I had provided her something the previous 3 days without asking for anything from her.

I did my best to stay true to myself. I stayed grounded like a wise ole’ tree. Weathering the storm of words thrust at me. I would not have been able to do that not so long ago … I would have been crushed by those words. Why do people feel the need to send such negative energies at another person?

We all need to feel grounded and strong in our convictions in this life.  We need to know we are safe, loved and valued.  Maybe we all need to spend more time with a wise ole’ tree … listening to the wisdom held within those roots, trunk and branches.