A Magical Place

On that same trip to Dublin Ireland last year, I came across (what I considered) a magical place, a special place. It was a place that literally called to me.  I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame, knowing there was “something” there for me.

It was the same feeling for me when I met Dr Martine (one of my my mentors) and learned about Cranio-Sacral Reflexology. “There is something about her, and about this form of reflexology” I thought … little did I know what awaited me along my path in this lifetime.

Eight years after my first Cranio-Sacral Reflexology class, I am reminded how special this work is to me. How much it has taught me, along with the client’s who have allowed me to introduce them to the power of this particular form of personal healing.

When a client comes in for a session, together we create a special place.  For some it is indeed a magical place. A place where hopefully you have a feeling of safety and understanding.  I welcome and encourage you to share, through words or emotions, what you notice (or need) during the session.  I use specific reflexology techniques and quite possibly some sound therapy (therapeutic singing bowls or rattling) during  your unique session.

I offer these techniques in order to help your body release what may have been long held in the tissues … memories of events, injuries, and traumas may all be brought to the forefront during a session. So much is held in the tissues, it amazes me personally and professionally at most every session.