Such Grace / Such Beauty

Here we are, back in the public park in Ireland. I found this peaceful photo opportunity and want to share it with you. Such grace and such beauty right there in front of my eyes. I enjoyed watching the swan gliding across the water with such grace.

When was the last time you put life on hold and truly looked at the beauty that surrounds you? Maybe marveled at the calmness found in silence – no cell phones, no TV, radio or iTunes playing in the background. Or perhaps really listened to your body and what it is trying to tell you?

I am thankful for the opportunities I have to be in nature.  It reminds me there is so much more than Facebook, the news reports, the thoughts and / or emotions running through my brain.  Nature reminds me to just “be” sometimes – to allow the natural world inside.  Taking those deeper breaths and transforming all the “activity” swirling around inside me, helping it (and me) to settle and calm.  To allow the energies that make me who I am to re-align and balance.

As we continue to enjoy our summer here in the Pacific Northwest, be sure to spend some time in nature.  Consider welcoming nature in to your life on a daily basis and enjoy the calm right down to each and every cell that makes you who you are!