Energy, Part 1

Energy, it can be quite powerful.

This summer I experienced feeling the tension, emotion and energy of anger rising within a room, and more importantly the people sharing the space with me. In my particular situation, there was the distinct feeling of being attacked energetically like I had never been attacked before.  It was a unique experience, which took place in an office space at the wellness center, with individuals I thought were my guest colleagues.  I thought we had a relationship, an understanding, and were “on the same page”.  I was wrong.

Some may say it was simply a person verbally expressing her opinion, and feelings, related to the situation. I beg to differ. The intent behind the words which were thrust at me was more than expressing an opinion.  It was overwhelming to me at the time and I felt the deep anger being directed at me. I distinctly recall the shock I felt in the situation.

I believe the anger I felt within the room, and ultimately watched as it permeated the room, was a deep seated anger held within the tissues of this person.  The daily bodywork she had received for three previous days allowed that long held emotion to be freed from her body. Unfortunately the anger was thrust at another human being.

This altercation had a profound effect on me.

You may have had a similar situation at some point in your life. I believe how you choose to embrace, block, project, or learn from such an experience is one of life’s most important lessons. I also want to acknowledge how the body may react to such a situation:

  • Initial Shock
  • Physical – pain in a certain area / areas
  • Emotional – feelings of Hurt, Fear, Anger
  • Mental – Stepping back, almost out of the body, and looking at things from a distance or attempting to rationalize what is actually going on.

In my situation, I remained in shock for a while.  I was stupefied, truly stunned, that someone of my age and similar background, would attack another human being in such a way. There was some physical pain, emotional changes and definitely an effect on my mental health. Luckily I was able to contact a mentor / practitioner and meet with her within 24 hours in order to help my system recover in a healthy manner.  Many in our society do not have the resources to connect with healers who are ready and willing to help. I am thankful for my trusted colleagues who I can call upon in times of need.

Now remember … this was not an actual physical altercation. There was no pushing, or shoving, no fists swinging wildly. This entire situation happened purely with words and energetic intent. Yet there were physical effects noted in my body, just one aspect of my being.

Most would consider this story ends here. Physically I appeared to be healed. I experienced an event, I asked for and received “help” and all was well, right? Not so fast, all was not well  …