Energy, Part 2

“Energy is the common denominator in all dimensions of our lives. Physical energy capacity is measured in terms of quality (low to high) and emotional capacity in quality (negative to positive). These are our most fundamental sources of energy because without sufficient high-octane fuel no mission can be accomplished.” (The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz.)

Just as there are those positive and negative ends on a battery or electrical charge, there are high energy emotions, both positive and negative; POSITIVE high energy emotions include feeling: invigorated, confident, challenged, joyful and connected. And there are NEGATIVE high energy emotions which include feeling: angry, fearful, anxious, defensive and resentful.

Just as there are HIGH energy emotions … there are also LOW energy emotions. Some positive low energy emotions would be feeling: relaxed, mellow, peaceful, tranquil and serene. And there are negative low energy emotions as well, feeling: depressed, exhausted, burned out, hopeless and defeated.

Life is filled with positive and negative experiences, as well as highs and lows.

As the authors state in the book, “The more toxic and unpleasant the energy, the less effectively it serves  … the more positive and pleasant the energy, the more efficient it is.”

Looking back at my summer “attack”, I can definitely say my energies were disturbed. I experienced toxic and unpleasant energies, and I seemed to have been thrust into a combination of negative high energy and negative low energies almost at the same time. In the moment, and for days, weeks and months after the actual event there have been signs of the the effects of this one altercation.

                      Our emotional health is just as important as our physical health.


Our emotional health can, and does, effect our physical health.

There were moments when emotions were right there on the surface, no longer being contained within the tissues of my body. No longer covered over with those childhood words I was often told, “get over it”, or “you’re too emotional”. Moments when I needed to, and chose to, use words (and tears) to express those raw emotions which had come to the surface thanks to this one event.

As the song says … “What doesn’t kills us makes us stronger!”

In the aftermath, I can say this has been an important lesson learned in my ever-evolving emotional health side of life. The need to process long held beliefs, trials and tribulations … the opportunity to notice the differences in positive and negative aspects of my life and the lives of those who honor me with their presence … and changes I needed to make (and continue to make) in my personal and professional life.

So, when contemplating the effects of events and energy – Where am I when it comes to what I practice? How has this event effected, changed, or improved my physical, emotional and mental being as I often talk about (and keep in mind) as I work alongside my clients?

I am physically feeling “healed” – I no longer have physical discomforts. Emotionally I continue to make changes and acknowledge my feelings in a healthy manner more each day. But what about mentally …