Wisdom Whisperings

Have you ever considered, you could receive wisdom from the tissues of your body? Or, that your body may indeed be whispering to you? Every cell of our bodies holds deep intelligence.  For many, this is an untapped source of  information that can help us along our path in life.

Thanks to our technology filled world, our lives are filled with information overload these days. How many minutes and hours of your day are spent in front of an electronic screen? How much time do you spend in your head, thinking of those “To Do Lists”, contemplating choices which need to be made, or planning your next activity?

All this time we are spending thinking (and trying to figure things out / plan things out in our minds) ends up causing  stress levels to rise, hormones to go awry and before we know it we are twisting our body’s into awkward and uncomfortable positions. (And holding ourselves there!)

In order to re-set our body’s systems and access the body’s wisdom, we need to enter a state of stillness, only then can we hear the deep informing available to each and every one of us.

I recently listened to a web broadcast focusing on six specific areas of the body which are known to hold Body Wisdom as well as Body Trauma. My next few posts will draw from my notes from that broadcast:

  • Heart Wisdom
  • Gut Wisdom (aka gut instinct)
  • Pelvic Wisdom
  • Legs and Feet Wisdom
  • Bone Wisdom
  • Brain Wisdom

While listening to the presenter I realized I do this during every session! Honoring and respecting each and every person who chooses to take that step and come in for a session.  Together we listen to what your body has to tell us.  Sometimes the “voice” of your body is easy to hear, ready and waiting to communicate it’s wants and needs.

However, at times there have been situations that have happened in life (aka: traumas) where  protective layers have been put in place, encasing the tissues of your body. This requires a gentle approach in order to allow the wisdom to come forward and present itself to us in a safe and nurturing environment.

Let’s take a moment. Maybe re-read these words, and then open our minds to receiving the wisdom our bodies are so eager to share with us!

Let’s begin with Heart Wisdom …

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