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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, “Shen” is our spirit or soul. It is focused in the physical / anatomical heart and is responsible for our consciousness, mental functions, mental health, helping to regulate our emotions, and our vitality, However it can be a place of vulnerability.

In addition to our heart, we have something called the pericardium. It is an anatomical sac surrounding the heart, cushioning the heart and keeping it safe. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the pericardium is also a protector of the heart, standing guard and metaphroically saying “If you want to get to him, you’ve got to get through me.”

Both modern medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine recognize the heart as a vital organ required to sustain life, and worthy of our honor and respect.

Some of the most amazing sessions happen when a client is ready, willing and open to listening to what Heart Wisdom their body has to share with them!  For you see, when you are in a place where you feel safe and nurtured, your body instinctively knows it is alright to let go of many (or all) of those lists, worries, tight areas and discomforts held within the tissues of your body. Allowing your soul and heart to truly speak and be heard.

Heart Wisdom involves:

  • Touching your deepest inspiration and hearing the quiet voice of your soul.
  • Remembering what truly matters when you are being pulled in different directions.
  • Reminding you what you are most deeply inspired to do, why you are here,  in order to continue on your path in life

As we spend our time togehter in session, listening to your Heart Wisdom is always my underlying goal.

Stress, Overwhelm and Traumas in life can force us off our path.  These situations take us out of the present moment and change the sensations in our body, many times igniting the sympathetic nervous system and engaging the fight, flight and freeze response. This puts us in to overdrive, so to speak, effecting every organ and system in our body.

So. How can we better listen to our Heart Wisdom and in the process re-set our nervous system as well?

One way to connect with our Heart Wisdom is to practice Heart – Brain Coherence by doing the following:

  1. Heart-Focused Breathing – focus your attention on your chest at the level of your heart. Imagine your breath flowing in and out of your heart, breathing a little slower and deeper than usual.
  2. Envision a positive feeling, such as the feeling of hugging someone you love or care deeply for in your life, or simply a feeling of calm and ease.
  3. Continue this slow deep breathing until you feel an internal calm. This state will provide a stronger connection to your intuitive self and your Heart Wisdom
  4. Practicing this simple, yet profound technique throughout your day will have positive effects in all aspects of your life … most definitely your shen / spirit!

The true gift of the heart is how it manifests the inspiration of the soul.

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But what about your Gut Wisdom …

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