Heart Care with Flower Essences

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All emotions can have effects on our heart. The heart is where our “shen,” or our spirit, is housed within our physical body. Hence the need to protect it, nourish it, and basically take good care of it throughout our lives. How can we do this? One tool for your self-care toolbox are the Bach Flower Essences!

First, a little background to help explain things: Flower essences were originally developed by Dr. Edward Bach, a homeopathic physician. He discovered methods to harness and infuse the energy of a flower by capturing the true essence of the plant matter. These flora infused remedies are of the highest energetic vibration, and when taken as directed and/or as needed, will have positive effects on our emotional body which in turn will effect our physical body as well. The essences enter via your energy field, bringing you into alignment on an energetic level first.

Many times we become imbalanced energetically, which then effects us emotionally.  The emotional imbalance, if left untreated, can and will lead to a physical imbalance in the body. Flower essences, by working on the energetic level, evict negative emotions, fears, and unwanted states of mind by restoring inner harmony! The flower essences work on the highest level of our being.

According to Dr. Edward Bach, there are 7 types of emotional categories– Fear, Uncertainty, Insufficient Interest, Loneliness, Over-sensitivity to the Influence of Others, Despondency and Despair, and the Over-Concern for the Welfare of Others.

All of the emotional categories can have effects on the heart, which in my opinion is the most tender core of our being. The essences treat the individual, not a disease or symptom.  They work specifically on the emotional condition of the person.

With that information in mind: When deciding on a flower essence for yourself you will take into account the emotional category you feel is in need of assistance. Here is an example:

The 2015 calendar year was a rough one for me, there were events out of my control that were having effects on my heart, my “shen” or spirit was feeling the effects. However I believe by using flower essences I was able to physically, mentally … and ESPECIALLY emotionally … move forward in life.


In my particular instance the “rough year” involved the unexpected death of my only sister and the death of my mother within 3 months of each other. For me, at that time, Rescue Remedy flower essence blend, Bleeding Heart flower essence, and Borage flower essence and Hawthorne flower essence were alway there for me– I suppose you could say they were a combination of my best friend(s) and my saviors, always there when I needed them. Now, if you are even only vaguely aware of Bach Flower Essences you may notice that the essences which cared for me so well during my time of need were not all actually Bach essences per say.  For you see, I had taken an herbology course here in Olympia, WA and actually planted, cared for, and then crafted my own Borage flower essence. I ended up ingesting that flower essence to help me emotionally handle the grief involved in the deaths of family members. Oh the added “power” of creating a flower essence and then actually taking it and seeing – and feeling – the effects is an amazing experience! The Hawthorne flower essence was one I crafted while in the class. The Bleeding Heart flower essence I used was also from my local class, though it was crafted by a classmate.

Today, now that I am even more educated regarding flower essences, I believe the following Bach Flower Essences to be the ones I may have benefited the most from in 2015 and quite possibly in to 2016; one of these has been invaluable to me and I have been using it regularly since taking the Bach Flower Essence course this past fall:

  • Mimulus – to help with the fear and anxiety related to a something specific
    • Positive Effect: Courage
  • Cherry Plum – recommended for when feeling afraid you might lose control (i.e.: burst in to tears)
    • Positive Effect: Composure
  • White Chestnut – used when your mind will not turn off, thoughts repeat
    • Positive Effect: Tranquility
  • Olive – to help with exhaustion from life’s difficulties
    • Positive Effect: Rejuvenation
  • Star of Bethlehem – assists with the effects of trauma or grief
    • Positive Effect: Comfort
  • Elm – used for feeling overwhelmed by your many responsibilities
    • Positive Effect: Support
  • Oak – assists a strong, dutiful person who keeps going when you really need to rest
    • Positive Effect: Strength
  • Walnut – assists with life changes
    • Positive Effect: Protection

If I have piqued your interest in flower essences, please know that there will be more blog topics coming related to each wisdom center and throughout the year(s) so please stay in contact. Of course, you are always welcome to contact me regarding your flower essence questions and / or to come in for a session and purchase a blend specially crafted for you!