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Balanced Body Care

Have you ever been in a situation when you just “felt it in the pit of your stomach”?

Maybe you had a situation when you needed to ask the advise of someone and there was no one available to ask, yet your “gut” had already given you the answer?

Have you ever considered asking your body to share it’s innate wisdom with you in your time of need?

The gut has an instinctual knowing, far faster and more accurate than the brain when we are hyper-vigilant and running on past memories. In times of stress, overwhelm or trauma the sensations in our bodies have many times already evaluated the situation and are letting us know if we are “safe” or not.

There are times in our lives when we loose track of what inspires us and maybe start living the way others want or expect us to live. In the process we forget how to center ourselves and truly listen to the wisdom within.

There are times when we may feel pressure in our chest, or a tightening in our gut – simply mechanisms our body is using to get our attention, pulling us back to focus on what our body is needing.

  • Stop. Take a deep breath and bring your attention to your center, your solar plexus area in your abdomen and truly listen to your body.  There is wisdom there! The gut will NEVER steer you wrong – and does so at lightening fast speed, faster than your brain alone.

But we must also care for our “gut” by giving it healthy / organic foods, pre-biotics / probiotics and plenty of water for it to function and in the process keep our minds clear as well.

Next up, Digestive Care and Flower Essences …

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