Digestive Care and Flower Essences

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Many people feel they have a connection with the image highlighted at the top of this post. Clients are not always eager and ready to share specifics regarding their digestion. Some may even not really pay attention to how often they “go”, and then wonder why they are feeling they way there are feeling – this can definitely lead to an “OUT OF ORDER” situation.

The sensations and sounds of a grumbling digestive system can lead to worry, concern or even embarrassment for some folks. Those “noises” can also be your body’s way of capturing your attention and can indicate there is an emotional component underlying it all. Maybe that feeling of a “knot in your stomach”?

Remembering that the “upset stomach” is merely a symptom, it is always best not to treat  the symptom, but to look for the cause. Many times digestive issues can have a link to emotions and more specifically anxiety. This can be anxiety about general life circumstances, or maybe a specific event, physically causing the “stomach upset”, constipation, over-eating or eating disorders, and more.


Some possible Bach Flower Essences that may enhance your Digestive Wisdom center:

  • Agrimony – if you dislike quarrels, stuff your emotions and/or hide your troubles behind a smile (can also benefit the pelvis, our next wisdom whispering topic)
    • Positive Effect: Openness, Enhances communication
  • Aspen – if feeling anxious, have a creepy feeling but don’t know why
    • Positive Effects: Reassurance, Inner peace
  •  Centaury – helps when you can’t say ‘no’ to other people
    • Positive Effects: Assertiveness
  • Cerato – assists when you doubt your own judgement and ask others for advise
    • Positive Effects: Guidance, Trust inner wisdom and follow it
  • Crab Apple – if feeling unclean, ashamed or embarrassed about your appearance
    • Positive Effects: Self – Acceptance
  • Larch – assists when you are expecting to fail and lack self-confidence
    • Positive Effects: Confidence
  • Water Violet – if you tend to isolate yourself, liking your own company, but sometimes feeling lonely
    • Positive Effects: Connection
  • Willow – assists with feelings of resentment and sorry for yourself
    • Positive Effects: Positivity, Forgiveness 

Coming up within the Wisdom Whisperings topic – our next wisdom area is Pelvic Wisdom …