Pelvic Wisdom

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This is a big one … the pelvis is one of the most important wisdom areas in the body, in my opinion. However, for many people the concept of talking about, let alone thinking about, the pelvis can be intimidating. So let’s start this “Wisdom Whispering” conversation in an easy and flowing way.

Anatomically, the pelvis contains our two hip bones (together called our Illia in medical terminology) and our sacrum (the base of our spine).  This area also contains our Sacral Chakra, an energy vortex active in the hips and the pelvic floor, governing our vital well-being and ability to manifest. A major “Power Center” in our body. It involves creativity and collaboration. Therefore, it deals with our relationships and how we process the emotions involved in interacting with others.

Female Hip / Sacrum / Pubis - Anatomy Bones

This particular energy center will be engaged during each and every interaction we have with others throughout our day. Bringing us together on physical, emotional and mental levels as we create and collaborate in our day-to-day relationships. When this energy center is balanced we allow our emotions to flow and be expressed, and have a greater chance of feeling harmony and pleasure in our lives and relationships.  If our emotions are allowed to flow, we can better process, integrate or let go of experiences and the emotional connection we have given to them. When unbalanced, we may experience emotions that linger much longer than necessary, possibly addiction and maybe even pelvic pain.

From an early age many of us are taught to suppress our emotions, thus causing what is meant to flow to actually stagnate and eventually cause discomforts (and maybe even disease) in the body. Many client’s will come in complaining of lower back or hip discomforts, and at times have no idea why they are hurting. I have found that, especially during bodywork sessions, the sacrum and sacral chakra hold more of our emotional pain than we realize.

Once we can relax, and are open to receiving, the connection between the body aches and emotions becomes almost crystal clear! During sessions I do my best to create a safe space for you to allow these emotions to be released, to allow them to flow, with the ultimate goal of assisting you along your healing path.

Together we can set the intention of allowing and being present with the sensations of your emotions in your body as they arise. During a session, or during home practice,  maintain a gentle continuous breath into your lower belly. The idea is to stay present in your body, not necessarily drift off to sleep during session time, and allow any emotions that may come up to flow. If you notice you’re holding your breath or your breathing has gotten shallow again, simply bring your breath gently down into your lower belly.

I have found, there is no need to rush and push through things during a session. When the emotions are acknowledged, even briefly experienced on the treatment table, and allowed to flow there is progress. We do not necessarily need to know the “why’s” involved. Those same emotions will assist us in moving through stressful times in our lives and actually contribute to our health and well-being!

However, sometimes we need a tool to help us – consider welcoming flower essences in to your life to help with those emotional twinges which may arise. If you are interested in some possible essences which may help pelvis linked emotions, check back for my next post.