Legs and Feet Wisdom

standing on a rock | Balanced Body Care

Our legs and feet are part of our foundation, “a basis of on which something stands or is supported” according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Did you ever consider your legs and feet might offer you wisdom for your daily life?

Your legs and feet activate your body’s ability to digest and move, or “act on”, what is happening within the rest of your body … to make a decision between options and to activate things that you are truly inspired to create!

When there are many options, this wisdom area helps us to activate conversation between the right and left hemispheres of the brain (more on this particular wisdom area in an upcoming post) and integrates the messages from the other 5 wisdom centers.

Many times we may feel “stuck”, having trouble moving through life. Almost like our feet are being suctioned down in deep mud thanks to life experiences, life choices and possibly life traumas. How do you navigate, release and dissolve old trauma and belief patterns in the body / aka energy cysts which may be holding you in that mud?

The Six Wisdom Areas allow you to be more present in the moment! Hopefully we all recognize that we must be in the present moment to heal, not off in our minds wandering about and avoiding real life situations. For many of us this, ‘being in the present moment” means being able to ground ourselves in the present; sending our energy focus deep into the earth and anchoring for stability in our ever-changing world.

As we ground in our body, being more and more aware of our legs and feet, we begin feeling the stability in our entire body and we can better allow the unwinding of life’s stress and trauma’s to happen. Our legs and feet provide their wisdom of stability and movement in order for us to heal many areas of our lives. For you see … the body wants to heal, we are hard wired for bliss and the legs and feet can move us along this healing path!

Let’s practice: stand with your feet shoulder width apart, or sit on a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the floor. Make yourself comfortable in a quiet space. Notice where your body wants you to focus, actually feel this area in your body … now, grounding yourself via your legs and feet (actually picturing an anchor rope coming down your legs and out the soles of your feet going deep into the earth), begin to feel in to the areas noticing what your body has to say to you. Maybe a color appears in your mind’s eye, possibly a memory comes forward, perhaps an emotions swiftly arrives. Allow the information to come forward and as it does pay attention to your breathing – remind yourself to breathe slowly and be aware of the connection between your legs and feet and the earth beneath you. Pay attention to what information your body is sharing with you during this quiet time. Truly listen. Then, when you feel ready to complete this practice, return to your breath and the here and now – in your quite space. I recommend journalling your experience, as many times the message may not be as clear in the moment as you might like it to be.  This way you can refer to the experience at a later date.

If you are feeling unsettled, and noting discomforts in your feet and legs consider movement – taking a walk, allowing the moment to help you shift things from within. Once you arrive back from the walk you may find you have received the gift of a new out-look on the situation! Or, perhaps an Epsom Salts foot or full-body soak is in order to help relax and allow your body to release the unsettled, or painful, feelings.

If the walk and movement of your body, or the soak, does not seem to be helping, know that reflexology can assist with that stuck in the mud feeling.  Working with the circulation and lymphatic flow during a session can have profoundly positive effects within your body!


Stay tuned for Flower Essences and the Legs and Feet coming up in the next blog post!