Flower Essences for the Legs and Feet

cherry blossom tree | Balanced Body Care

For me, a natural connection comes to mind when I think about the body’s legs and feet. That connection is with the trunk and roots of a tree. The idea of a sturdy structure (trunk), feeding (roots),  and supporting (limbs) the entire wooded being we call trees can be a soothing image for many.

There are many references to the feet being our foundation when it comes to reflexology.  How carefully paying attention to the structure and movement of our feet can indicate potential concerns within the body. These areas of concern, when addressed during sessions, can be eased, and many times resolved, with the help of reflexology!

The concept of “grounding” through our feet, and into the energies of the earth, is just one way we can improve our connection with the earth and to our bodies as well. HOWEVER, sometimes we need more.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, SUPPORT means to uphold or defend as valid or right; to endure bravely or quietly; assist or help; to hold up or serve as a foundation.

Many times in life we may feel unsupported, period. Or, perhaps we are so busy giving support to others that we do not realize we are lacking support ourselves.

Challenges arise in life, in relationships and in ourselves which could use some emotional support and reinforcement.  Bach Flower Essences can be there for you!

How can we better support our bodies emotionally with respect to our legs and feet?

Some flower essences which may enhance your Legs and Feet Wisdom:

  • Elm – overwhelmed by your many responsibilities
    • Positive Effect: Support
  • Rock Rose – when you are feeling extreme terror about something
    • Positive Effect: Fearlessness
  • Hornbeam – if you find yourself  procrastinating, feeling tired at the thought of starting work
    • Positive Effect: Resolve
  • Wild Oat –  wanting to do something worthwhile, but can’t find your vocation
    • Positive Effect: Direction
  • Impatiens – feeling frustrated at the slow pace of people or things
    • Positive Effect: Patience
  • Oak – you area a strong dutiful person and keep going when you really need to rest
    • Positive Effect: Strength

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