Bone Wisdom

human X-ray | Balanced Body Care

What if your bones could talk?  Imagine what they might have to say to you!

Cranio-Sacral therapists, whether they be massage trained or reflexology trained, spend much time listening to your body … and specifically your bones!  There is a flexion and extension, sometimes a wave-like movement, that can be detected within the body … this is the life-force movement the Cranio-Sacral therapist is happy to detect during sessions.

Within that subtle movement is a profound gift. For you see that movement is a tell-tale sign of how the body is responding to the environment we live in! The movement of your cranial bones, and all the bones of the body, is required for your body to stay healthy. A decrease, or lack of movement of the bones can be a precursor to impending dis-ease within the body. It may start as a vagueness, “something not feeling quite right” or maybe “feeling a little bit off”, yet you are unsure it is something to be concerned about. Pay attention to those subtle messages being sent to you.  And when those subtle irregularities in bone movements are detected by your Cranio-Sacral therapist or Cranio-Sacral Reflexologist, he / she can gently assist your body to find the balance it is always seeking.

During a Cranio-Sacral Reflexology session the sutures, or joints, between your cranial bones can be accessed via the joints in your toes! Your spinal vertebrae can be accessed along the medial (inner surface of)  foot and the pelvis (sacrum and ilium bones) are accessed via the heel area of your foot!

“By opening up restrictions between the bones of the body, we drop in to a very deep, calm, clear and quiet place.  Settling, calming and clarifying things in times of emotional turbulence. The bones offer an inner sanctum to rest, so that clarity can emerge when you need it the most. Like trees, our bones stand strong in the winds of change and help us to see more clearly what is best for us, especially at the soul level.” – Suzanne  Scurlock, CMT

Check back soon for the Bach Flower Essence post, then we will have last of the Six Wisdom areas in the body … The Brain – where it all begins according to one of my mentors!