Bones and Flower Essences

blooming purple flower | Balanced Body Care

Can you consider how emotions may be held deep within your bones?

Just the other day I had client who came in for a Cranio-Sacral Reflexology session.  She had fallen over the holidays and now was finding her gait had changed.  She did not feel like she was walking with her feet forward.  Once she was on the massage table I was able to see the twist in her right leg.

At first I thought is was a simple soft tissue misalignment due to the strain of falling and the compensation the body was making since then. However it was deeper than that … it went down to the bone itself. That particular femur bone, and specifically the acetabulum of the ilia (or the socket portion of the the ball and socket joint involving the thigh bone / femur and the pelvis), was wanting to be heard. What emotions may potentially be found here, of all places, and what flower essences may help us?

Some flower essences that may help us connect more with our deep bone wisdom:

  • Heather – may be helpful if your talkativeness leads to loneliness, or if you are self pre-occupied
    • Positive Effect – Being Heard; Being a good listener / generous in helping others, selfless and understanding of other people’s problems; encouraging empathy.
  • Rock Rose – if you are finding yourself feeling extreme terror about something (usually brief in nature.)
    • Positive Effects: Fearlessness; Courage and presence of mind, Calm in emergencies.
  • Rock Water – helps when you are driving yourself hard, trying to set an example; being inflexible or having self-denial
    • Positive Effect: Encourages flow; Holding high ideals with a flexible mind, willing to change your mind if convinced of a greater truth.
  •  Star of Bethlehem – assists when you are suffering from the effects of shock, or grief
    • Positive Effects: Comfort; Neutralizing the effects of shock (whether immediate or delayed; Helping the sufferer to recuperate
  • Walnut – is helpful when other people’s ideas knock you off course, or you are coping with extreme change in your life
    • Positive Effects: To move forward and remain steadfast to one’s own path in life, free of the past, and to make necessary changes in life; Carrying things through despite discouragement, objections or ridicule from others.