Brain Wisdom

colorful drawing of a brain | Balanced Body Care

What does our brain have to tell us? Obviously many things, right? After all, our brains allow us to retain information we receive via our senses – hearing, vision, taste, smell and touch. As well as the experiences we have in life – recalling how to ride a bicycle, drive a car while following the “rules of the road”, and so much more!

For example, the Prefrontal Cortex (found in the front of your brain by your forehead) has an incredible way of strategizing and making maps in order to integrate all the information from the other parts of the body, along with connecting the other levels of the brain too.  This helps us to make the best decision at the time, and consider innovative strategies to navigate life with all the information available to us.

However, what does our brain really have to tell us when it comes to Brain Wisdom and truly integrating with our body?

When your integrated brain is partnered with the other key wisdom areas, the fight – flight – freeze response to a trauma (or a challenge) can be gently held in a loving, healing way that allows for integration and transformation to take place. Allowing a deep sense of peace and joy, all the while allowing the brain to be of service to the soul quality of who you are. This loving, peaceful stillness is what is at the heart of Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

Problems can arise when our emotions are suppressed. This can happen when the brain learns (usually through negative or traumatic early experiences) that certain emotions are a threat to our wellbeing. When this happens, our brain and body will protect us from those emotions by unconsciously suppressing them and stopping the natural flow of emotions. This in turn causes a collection of “emotional baggage”, if you will, to build up in the tissues of our bodies over time – causing aches, pains and sometimes even disease.

What can you, and I, do to help our brain? As well as other areas of our body, our physical self, emotional self and mental self?

Have you ever considered that there may be ways to improve your brain’s functioning via “Integrated Therapies  / Integrative Medicine” like reflexology? Not all forms of reflexology can offer sessions to focus directly on different aspects of the brain like Cranio-Sacral Reflexology. My mentor, Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson, has developed specific protocols to assist with “The Seat of Consciousness”, “The Emotional Brain” and “Disturbed Lobes of the Brain”! These are subtle, yet powerful techniques which offer a whole different level of healing within the body, all the while positively effecting the neurotransmitters – the chemical messengers responsible for communications within our brains.

Stay tuned for information regarding yet another option for assisting with emotions and the brain … my next blog post will talk about Flower Essences which may help your brain on the emotional level!