Flower Essences for the Brain

mustard flower | Balanced Body Care

Suppressed emotions, as mentioned in the earlier post regarding Brain Wisdom, can definitely lead to physical discomforts and potentially disease within our bodies. However, the questions seems to always be … “How can we assist our body to make changes to easily (and in a healthy way) release those emotions that have been suppressed and in the process stay healthy?”  All the while remembering that the brain and nervous system communicate with all of the systems of the body; with the brain being in charge and capable of change.

Taking into consideration our technological filled lives, many of us spend more time than ever seeking out more and more information. Many times comparing our own ives to the lives of others as we peer in to social media sites causes emotional upset. The time spent obtaining that information, and then having our brains process all of the information, may create an overload for our nervous system and especially our brain.  It seems we have created a culture that expects, no … demands … that we seek out the latest information available in order to succeed in life, or have the “perfect life”, or so we may have be taught to believe. This expectation we, as a society, seem to have set in place causes the stress levels in our body’s to skyrocket. Not to mention how the time spent scanning the internet for “that much needed information”, or thinking you are “staying connected”, actually isolates us and many times causes an increase in anxiety levels too!

What if you were able to decrease your stress levels, thereby possibly preventing cognitive decline, and nourish your brain using a remedy originally developed by an English doctor, bacteriologist, and homeopathic practitioner? Not to mention positively effect those neurotransmitters carrying messages to different parts of your brain and subsequently having helpful effects on your hormones and throughout your body?

Have you considered there are some flower remedies available to help you? Bach®️ Flower Essences may be exactly what your brain and body have been wanting and  searching for. Dr Bach designed his system to be simple. The flower essences can be taken directly on, or under, the tongue, by adding to a glass of drinking water, or via a personal blend of essences uniquely crafted for you.


Consider how you may be able to by assist the entire body (brain included of course) to recognize, release, and transform life’s emotional events, emotional traumas, and emotional upset in to positive emotions meant to assist you along your healing path:

  • Chestnut Bud – may be needed if there is a failure to learn from past experiences, choosing to simply forget those past experiences instead of learning from them, which then leads to an inability to make progress in life.
    • Positive Effects  Insight
  • Clematis – is needed if finding it hard to live in the present; feeling not happy and yearning for better times, but taking no steps to make changes. Poor memory, overlooking details, lacking energy and appear absent-minded. Liking to be alone and avoiding confrontation by withdrawing. Tending to daydream.
    • Positive Effects:  Focus, recognizing the future is shaped by the present.
  • Gentian – useful for doubt and despondency / depression from an identifiable cause; easily disheartened by a small set back.
    • Positive Effects: Encouragement
  • Mustard – helpful for sudden gloom / depression for no apparent reason and unable to “shake it off”.
    • Positive Effects: Brightness, the return of joy and feeling supported by an inner stability and peace which cannot be shaken
  • Red Chestnut – useful when there is an over-concern for others, worrying about other people’s problems
    • Positive Effects: Peace of Mind; promoting the ability to care for others with compassion but without anxiety; encourages calmness in emergencies
  • Scleranthus – is needed when someone finds it difficult to make decisions, especially between two things.
    • Positive Effects: Decisiveness and certainty, with poise and balance
  • Vervain – assists those with fixed principles and strong views, who feel confident they are right , high strung, over-achieving and strong-willed; mind racing; taking on too much work. Suffering from lack of sleep due to an active mind and an inability (or unwillingness) to relax.
    • Positive Effects:  Unwind
  • White Chestnut – helpful for unwanted thoughts and mental arguments; persistent unwanted round and round thoughts, like a stuck record; having difficulty concentrating during the day, or to sleep at night.
    • Positive Effects: Tranquility, peace of mind and a clear head; worry is replaced with trust and a positive outcome