Seed of Life

During these times of uncertainty and being isolated from our usual routine, we are given time to contemplate things we may not usually have time for in our daily lives. For me this involves coming to the realization of the need to shift things … clean out and clear the path, so to speak.

The image chosen above, the Seed of Life, reminds me this is the perfect time for creativity and being open to some sublime yet powerful healing on many levels.

Many people may be dealing with fear and loss of a physical connection right now due to 6-foot social distancing and self- isolation practices. This Seed of Life image reminds us all of our connection to each other no matter what … and to the free-flowing creation and healing that can (and is) available to all of us. How will you choose to spend your time at home during the “Stay at Home and Stay Healthy” time?

One way to remind ourselves we are always connected, no matter what is happening in our world, is to remember the connections in our body includes physical and energetic aspects. How can we visualize this energetic healing?  There are theories regarding healing and how it progresses and resolves. A few years ago I was introduced to some aspects of Homeopathy, specifically a homeopathic concept called Herrings Law of Cure:

  • “The cure must proceed from centre to circumference. From centre to circumference is from above downward, from within outwards, from more important to less important organs, from the head to the hands and feet.”
  • “Every homeopathic practitioner who understands the art of healing, knows that the symptoms which go off in these directions remain away permanently.”

This way of thinking encourages the usage of minimal doses, obtained via dilutions rather than full dosages. In my work this may be interpreted as perhaps an introductory session (a minimal dose of sorts), verses a full 90-minute session in order to see how your body receives / reacts to the session.

Connections remain in place no matter where we are spending our time, in the workplace or at home. Theses connections allow for the homeopathic concept of Herrings Law of Cure to be accessed for healing during our current situation. When we are unable to receive bodywork at our usual practitioner’s office, we can receive bodywork on an energetic level via distance work!


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In order to show the association of this Homeopathic ‘Law of Cure’ principle with Distance Energy Sessions and Cranio-Sacral Reflexology, consider how the work we do together permeates below the surface of the skin to the very core of your being, deep within, on the cellular and energetic levels!

What if you were able to clear any sluggish or blocked connections within your body? Repairing and Rebalancing the energetic flow ‘within’ (deep within) in order to assist your body to physically move (the outermost physical layer)  more freely?  As well as ease / relieve body aches and pains ‘without’!?!? This type of healing – energetic work –  can also help identify potential “issues” before they manifest within the physical body and effect your level of health, harmony and vitality. Paying close attention to when and where these sluggish connections are located, as well as being open to receiving information connected to these areas, can be invaluable. There may be memories and emotions connected to the area of your body asking for your attention.

During bodywork, whether that be reflexology, distance energy sessions, or any other form of bodywork, emotions can (and do) rise up and out of the tissue themselves:  Emotions and Bodywork – We are Connected Beings. Acknowledging and clearing the associated emotions can have hugely positive effects on your physical and mental health as well! Once again revealing to us the connections within our own bodies.

There will come a day when we are all able to have those in-person sessions and once again have respectful human touch in order to release body aches and pains and more. The connection many of us are longing for will be available, and will be more fully appreciated when we embrace the physical connections once again. Until then, may I recommend you search out a practitioner who is able to offer you energetic work at a distance in order to maintain health within your body, mind and spirit.