As we all do our best to “Stay Home and Stay Healthy” many bodyworkers are spending time looking at our businesses differently … Literally taking our glasses off and recognizing how the lenses need to be cleaned in order to START LOOKING FORWARD! Perhaps you are taking this time to re-evaluate how you are able to take better care of your body while looking forward as well.

Sometimes the view of our world becomes clouded, foggy and unclear. We may become unsure what we are “suppose” to be doing when we are forced out of our usual routine.  We may fall in to old habits when we are mostly confined to our home.

Thankfully the outdoors is not off limits right now. As the photo shows, sometimes being in nature can give you a CLEARER VISION! Breathing crisp, clean air and truly taking in the sights and sounds of nature. Let’s not forget how nature can touch us as well … be sure to take the time to touch nature while on your walk. Touch helps you to reconnect to all that surrounds you and can be ‘oh so helpful’ to many during our current time of “high touch surface cleaning” and 6-foot distance from others.

You and I may not be able to meet in our usual way right now, however that does not mean you have to distance yourself from touch. Nature can fill that void! When was the last time you touched the trunk of a tree? Or perhaps recognized the various patterns and textures found in the bark on different trees? Here in the Pacific Northwest spring has been on our doorstep for a little whole now – have your noticed those pops of color emerging from the earth – crocuses, daffodils, even skunk cabbage – have chosen to emerge and share their colors with us! Not to mention the buds and flowers on the trees! Just as the darker winter months have shifted and changed to add more light to our world, so too can we choose to LOOK FORWARD to the time when we will not have state and federal distancing recommendations to follow.  How can you choose to embrace this unique time and tune in to your innate senses?


Let’s use this time wisely while enjoying all of our senses – seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and of course touching – and remember our connection to the world and each other.

I recognize there are times when we are unable to be outdoors, however we all need to stimulate and nourish our senses in ways that are meaningful to us. During this time of isolation due to public health concerns, we can become sluggish physically, overwhelmed emotionally and mentally tired. Have you considered the wisdom you have access to during this time? Have you considered ways you can tend to yourself and promote a more positive life physically, emotionally, and mentally? Many times we may immediately think of the physical level – get up and move! Or maybe the mental health aspect by calling a friend and talking things through. What about the emotional side?

“Problems can arise when our emotions are suppressed. This can happen when the brain learns (usually through negative or traumatic early experiences) that certain emotions are a threat to our wellbeing. When this happens, our brain and body will protect us from those emotions by unconsciously suppressing them and stopping the natural flow of emotions. This in turn causes a collection of “emotional baggage”, if you will, to build up in the tissues of our bodies over time – causing aches, pains and sometimes even disease.” We must care for all aspects of ourselves!

In a previous post, Brain Wisdom, I wrote about how flower essences can help us with the emotional upheaval that happens for all of us from time to time. For some it can be significant, for others the emotions that arise can be more subtle (consciously or unconsciously.) If you are feeling “out of sorts” and unsure of how to deal with things right now, know that flower essences can be a way to help your brain adapt, and in turn assist our emotions to do some self-adjusting, to our temporary current life changes.

If there is any way I can assist you, please reach out and contact me. I am LOOKING FORWARD to seeing you real soon in-person, or virtually, if needed!