February Foot Love Plan

As I write this blog post, we are about to welcome the month of February. For most of us the upcoming month usually invokes thoughts of love, hearts and Valentine’s Day. For some, that means a last minute purchase of some flowers or chocolates for a loved one. While most of us know how to “share the love” with others, many times we forget to take good care of ourselves. This is your reminder: Remember to show yourself some love as well in the coming months, and even years!


What are your plans for self-care this coming month?

How do you show love for your own body, mind and spirit?


What about your feet …

For years now I have witnessed how a person can care for, or neglect, their feet. There are those who almost religiously have pedicures and always have their toenails painted beautiful colors, always have smooth skin and their feet appear to be well hydrated – be that from adequate water intake or the regular use of lotion.

Just the opposite can happen as well; hard calluses, reddened or bruised areas on the toes or around the nails, damaged / injured nails, bunions from shoes that are too narrow for the foot, or perhaps wearing heels for years and now dealing with plantar fasciitis, shortened tendons and more.

For the love of your feet …

I ask … for the love of your feet and all that they do for you – how are you going to show your feet some LOVE this February?


Less than a month ago we started a New Year; how about setting an intention to take better care of your feet this year.

May I suggest taking the time to show your feet some love:

Foot Soaks with salts, herbs or essential oils

• Using Foot creams or lotions regularly •

DIY callus removal using apple cider vinegar, a pumice or file

• Have a ✨ Reflexology ✨ session! •

Taking a realistic look at your shoes – replacing old/ worn out shoes with ones that truly fit your feet – in length and width • The shoe liner test

Love is in the air.

How will you choose to show yourself, and your feet, some ❤️ “Love” ❤️?