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You have probably noticed it has been a while – a long while – since I added to this blog and to the Balanced Bodycare podcast. It is time to be more active in these aspects of my life. it is time to share more information about what has been going on at Balanced Bodycare, PLLC.

Having our day-to-day lives altered so dramatically due to a world pandemic starting in 2020 caused many changes for everyone. The past two years have been life-changing for us all and in the process I believe everyone of us can now more fully recognize we have priorities. Am I right?

What are your priorities?

What is “more important” to you? How about your Top 5 or Top 10 Priorities in Life? I thought I would google “priorities in life” and see what came up. According to one image I found at – – consider this list as you contemplate your own priorities:

  • Self-Care
  • Education and Learning
  • Meaningful work
  • Exciting hobbies
  • Fulfilling relationships
  • Alone time
  • Travel
  • New experiences
  • Focus on happiness


In the past I have talked with many clients about self-care during session time as well as via newsletters and when offering some specials throughout the calendar year. Little did I realize how 2021 would evolve and my own level of self-care would transform. Over the last six months I can say, I personally have needed to dive deeply in to the first item on that priority list.

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Many of you may be wondering … “Why has the schedule not been available on-line; I need a session!” In July 2021 I had major surgery and need to take time to recover before returning to the office. The first week after surgery I remember thinking …

“I am NEVER going to be able to do what I use to do!”

Moving my arms was a strain and there was absolutely no way I would have been able to provide much of a reflexology session, or any type of bodywork session for that matter.  I began to think … “would I return to the office and do the same thing?” Offer the same type of session for my clients? Or, would things be changing, just as I have changed? I realized the need to allow it all to unfold in it’s own time as I allowed the time and space for healing.

Time for: Healing from the inside out

During the past 6 months my priority became me = you might say “Self-Care on steroids.” This time away from the office has allowed me to seek out practitioners who I find to be helpful and healing to me, physically and energetically, allowing for a connection. As it turns out, it was a connection that had been lacking for me at the office location – too many negative energies being directed at me.

Acupuncture, crystals, healing guides and sound therapy have all been – and continue to be – a part of my recovery. I returned to the office for about a week in September and saw 4 clients at that time, however I knew … for multiple reasons … that it was time to leave that particular office and focus my priority on me. I had healing to do, from the inside out.

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