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As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, we are (hopefully) reminded of all that we are thankful for each year. True thankfulness comes in many forms. In fact, right now I am thankful you are taking the time to read this blog post! Honestly, if you were to ask me, personally I know there is much to be thankful for this year in particular.

Sitting back and reflecting on life’s ups and downs, most of us can more clearly see the gifts we have been given by our life’s journey. Sure, it has not been a smooth road for many of us. However, each of life’s challenges has proven to us there is a metaphorical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, in some way, waiting for us.

With Thankfulness as our focus, here are my current Top 3 reasons to be thankful:

This year’s “Thankful #1 – Family, Time and Changes”

In my last blog post, Priorities, I shared with you my own need for self-care and what that has meant in relation to my ability to offer sessions in an office setting. Initially I thought I “would never be able to do what I use to do.” Shocking at first, believe me I went there … those thoughts of “Now What?” and “I’ll never be the same!”

Earlier this summer my stress levels were peaking, tears flowed and thoughts spiraled. As I voiced some of my thoughts to my husband he reminded me to give it time. Yet in the moment I was unable to see how time would change anything. Little did I realize how much time did indeed allow for changes to come and the rainbow of healing to appear for me.

At first I questioned, as many of us do, “How much time do I need to give for this healing to take place? I have things to do!” The answer did not come right away, but I instinctively knew there was a need to allow the space for the answers and healing to come. Ultimately I found that lifestyle improvements had to be made – physically, nutritionally, and in stress reduction.

“Thankful #2 – Healing practitioners”

Life was ticking along fairly smoothly this past spring. Business was good, I felt strong in my practice, yet looking back now I can recognize on one level there was a feeling of being drained, scattered in a way. I had been focusing much of my energy on others, and have done so for many years. Then life shifted and my professional life came to a screeching halt. I was forced to prioritize things and put myself above all else.

I tried to ignore it. Thinking it wasn’t as bad as I thought and it would go away in time. I was wrong. Awaking one day and knowing I needed to schedule an appointment, and soon. Luckily my PCP – Primary Care Provider- had an opening available in just a couple of days. She listened to me, assessed the situation and immediately ordered the first of what became a line of medical tests leading up to the inevitable surgery. I am grateful for her swift actions and the technology / technicians who preformed the tests needed.

My journey within Western Medicine was not smooth at all. There were errors made by practitioners / professionals, and there was a level of uncertainty – an unknown – that was palpable to me. My anger, frustration and disappointment grew at the lack I felt within the medical system I was once part of as a Registered Nurse. Those who are highly trained in their chosen profession did not have the answers – words were used like “unique situation you are in.” and “a rare and unique situation.” Not all that helpful when you need to make decisions.

Instinctively I knew, I was guided, to make the best decision for me. But, there was something more I needed …

I needed to receive more of what I give – being truly heard, and having a practitioner “see” what is happening within my body. As options were considered I realized the need to seek out a naturopathic practitioner. Knowing there would definitely be benefits from manual therapy – like massage or Rolfing – however those forms of bodywork did not “call” to me. Then the answer came: energy work and sound therapy “called” quite loudly those first few weeks.

Three weeks post-op I started seeing an acupuncturist who also incorporates sound healing in her sessions. I have made it a priority to receive acupuncture weekly since that first appointment. Ultimately I chose to alternate between two different acupuncture practitioners.

During session time I notice shifts within my body. These energetic changes, I feel, allow me to recognize all I have been though leading up to and since the surgery in July. As time marched on I am able to honor the process that has brought me to today. Lessons have been learned along the way and I know that this year’s journey happened for a reason.

As I recovered from major surgery – physically, emotionally and mentally – I was expected to make decisions regarding my treatment plan. Receiving healing energy and sound therapy during this critical time was priceless to me. You will never know how incredibly grateful I have been for Kate and Robin these last months.

“Thankful #3 – Intuition, Guidance and Knowledge.”

Intuition: Knowing something was wrong. Choosing to reach out, locally and across the country, for assistance. Before surgery I contacted a trusted bodyworker for help in order to prepare my body for what was to come. And locally, as mentioned above, for acupuncture after surgery.

More intuition and guidance came in the form of knowing what I did not want when it came to treatment, and recognizing what that ultimately meant when it came to surgery. This “knowing”provided me with an overwhelming need to strongly express myself to my surgeon.

Guidance: I spoke with my surgeon, informing him of the urgency when it came to the need I had for surgery to take place swiftly – I told him “time is of the essence.” Ending my conversation with him with these words: “Thank you for doing your part to assure this operation takes place as soon as humanly and divinely possible.”

During my healing time I have been reminded of, and called upon, therapies and skills used in my practice. I have used these gifts with clients and now am using them even more so for myself. As I await guidance, and ultimately find a new location where I am to begin seeing clients in-person, thankfully I am able to offer some Distance Sessions with you if needed.

Knowledge: Once the surgery was complete and some recovery time had taken place the knowledge aspect kicked in even more. There was confusion within the medical staff, so I asked for a paper copy of my pathology and took time to review and comb over the information myself. I am forever thankful and very grateful for my own medical training which helped me to decipher much of the jargon used in such a report and ultimately making the best decisions for me.

Now you see, there is a proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – I am feeling healthy, more aware of my connection to life and all that unfolds. And, some clients are scheduling Distance Sessions! May you too find more thankfulness in your daily life as this year comes to an end and a whole new year begins.