Earlier this month I recorded a very short podcast episode entitled “Timing is everything” … I have to tell you more about that subject. After publishing that recording I went about my day, running errands. It was the perfect time to complete one of those errands actually, a visit to the local Department of Health to hopefully renew my licenses in-person. While attempting to open the door to enter the building, the attendant informed me they are not allowing the public to enter due to Covid. However, he did inform me I could deposit my forms and payment in a drop box. As I stood there, using the drop box as my personal table for writing out the checks required, a gentleman appeared at my side. He proceeded to say to me – “Timing is everything!”

This time I was in shock.

I stood there in shock; turning to look at him, mouth hanging open behind my mask and thoughts running thru my head … “How did he know about my podcast? He couldn’t have listened to it, could he?” I stood there for a moment and was unable to speak. Realizing this was synchronicity at its finest. Wow! Has synchronicity like this ever happened to you?

Synchronicity, and timing, are so interesting to me.

Speaking of timing … I have been on the look out to locate the new office location. Once again, as I began this search, timing seemed to be on my side. The day I re-started the search for a new space; not one, not two, not three, but four options were on my calendar! I met with the managers and took a look at the options available. It is time to move forward. Stay tuned for an announcement once my decisions has been made.

Happy New Year 2022.
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New Year 2022.

This year is coming to a close and the New Year is on the horizon! Do you make resolutions, or set intentions, for the new year? Or simply choose to make changes in order to see and feel benefits in certain areas of your life … or your life as a whole as we begin a new calendar year? Perhaps you will choose to take some time, in the next few days, to quiet your mind and listen to the ticking of a clock while recognizing what intentions you want to set for 2022 –  a pivotable year on many levels. 

A trusted astrologer recently shared some information regarding the December full moon. She focused on how this time of year – and our upcoming year – will be “a breath taking backdrop for your personal transformation. Illuminating the power of your words.”

According to the astrologer’s forecast: There will be an “amplification of emotions”, illuminating the feelings you may have been hiding from yourself. Emotions will be a major theme for 2022 – honoring your emotions, something many of us have chosen to tuck away in our fast pasted world.”

Emotions and Cranio-Sacral Reflexology:

The emotional aspect of Cranio-Sacral Reflexology has always held a special place for me, for many reasons. One being the incredible connections between individual cranial bones and individual vertebrae and emotions. Sharing this information with many clients over the years has always brought insights for both clients and myself as a practitioner. What an awesome way to accurately confirm a link between physical discomforts and emotional pain for many.

Emotions can be the perfect way to release tucked away and bottled up thoughts and feelings. Sometimes we are unsure how to release those emotions; Cranio-Sacral Reflexology allows the time to release those emotions you may have tucked away in your physical body. For example tucking your grief under your scapula (shoulder blade) and causing upper back discomforts. We all need tools in our toolbox of life, right? What tools do you have in your toolbox in order to help you with your emotional well-being??

As 2021 comes to a close …

Remember, you can choose to do things the way you have always done … or … you can choose to make changes and try a new technique. Making a choice to change can mean setting an intention – bring the energy of what you desire to you!

According to Wikipedia: Intention is a mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future. Intention involves mental activities such as planning and forethought. As the new year approaches: Perhaps you will choose to take some time, in the next few days, to quiet your mind and listen to the ticking of a clock – a physical nod to the passage of time – while recognizing what intentions you want to set for 2022. I believe it will be a pivotable year on many level for all of us.

I recommend setting aside some quiet time … enjoy some stillness, allow your mind to quiet and you may recognize a few things … What do you want to bring to you in the New Year – health, happiness, abundance, and more? Write these insights down on a piece of paper and set the intention!

As we bid good-bye to 2021 remember the definition of intention and I invite you to use your mind to set those New Year intentions for 2022.

Take a deep breath – and move forward : A New Year begins and time ticks on!