Reflexology is a natural healing art using reflex maps that mirror the human body.  These maps are located on the feet, hands and ears.  By applying manual pressure to these reflex areas, a professional reflexologist effects the glands, organs and systems of the entire body as a whole; encouraging the body, mind and spirit to return to, and maintain balance.

Cranio-Sacral Reflexology is a unique and specialized form of reflexology.  A gentle, yet powerful technique that is effective for releasing many types of pain, mental stress and trauma held in the body.

The Cranio-Sacral system is a physiological system within the body, working in conjunction with the other systems of the body. This particular form of reflexology optimizes the movement of the cerebral spinal fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord.  Cranio-Sacral Reflexology also has effects on the fascial network of your body, helping to release strain and tension.

Session goals are individualized, however always include:

  • promoting homeostasis (balance) in the body
  • reducing stress and encouraging relaxation within the body
  • locating and addressing any lesions, or dysfunction, in the cranio-sacral system
  • re-establishing the optimal movement of the cranio-sacral system and the entire body as a whole


About Me:

IMG_0443A person’s life is like a compass.  There is usually a direction we follow in order to arrive at our destination. How did I arrive at my true north destination? It all began by walking along a road “taking care” of patients while being a part of the healthcare profession.

My journey along the healthcare road began in the nursing field in 1988, and took me from Pennsylvania to Alaska.  After years of hospital based nursing, mostly critical care, I decided to travel down another path on that journey. (A softer path, rather than a road.)

I entered the bodywork profession in 2001; initially receiving training as a licensed massage therapist and specialized in Pre- & Perinatal massage. I continued my bodywork education with infant massage instruction and Jin Shin Do® acupressure. Most recently, I received training in intra-oral massage techniques.

In 2009 the path changed course and diverted. Reflexology became my focus. I completed my initial reflexology training at In Health, the first 300 hour ACARET approved school with a nationally accredited curriculum here in the United States.  A true passion began, I was focusing on the feet! In the summer of 2010, I successfully passed the ARCB (American Reflexology Certification Board) exam which allows me to state:  “I am Holly Glennon, a National Board Certified Reflexologist.”

After completing Cranio-Sacral Reflexology certification training and teacher training, I feel as if I have found my destination. It was “written in the stars”, so to speak. Through it all, I found a way to assist clients to release and truly relax, allowing their bodies to heal.

Photo by: Poppi Photography

I am a member of the following organizations, click on the organization and you will be linked to their website:

American Reflexology Certification Board

Cranio-Sacral Reflexology International – certified practitioner and teacher

Reflexology Association of America

Washington Reflexology Association

American Massage Therapy Association

WA Lic # MA60083520