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Bone Wisdom

By Holly Glennon | Jan 28, 2019

What if your bones could talk?  Imagine what they might have to say to you! Cranio-Sacral therapists, whether they be massage trained or reflexology trained, spend much time listening to your body … and specifically your bones!  There is a flexion and extension, sometimes a wave-like movement, that can be detected within the body … this is the life-force movement…

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Flower Essences for the Legs and Feet

By Holly Glennon | Jan 25, 2019

For me, a natural connection comes to mind when I think about the body’s legs and feet. That connection is with the trunk and roots of a tree. The idea of a sturdy structure (trunk), feeding (roots),  and supporting (limbs) the entire wooded being we call trees can be a soothing image for many. There are many references to the…

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Legs and Feet Wisdom

By Holly Glennon | Jan 21, 2019

Leg and Feet Wisdom / Body Wisdom

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The Pelvis and Flower Essences

By Holly Glennon | Jan 18, 2019

As mentioned in the previous Pelvic Wisdom Whispering: This particular area of the body holds an energy vortex active in the hips and the pelvic floor, governing our vital well-being and ability to manifest. A major “Power Center” in our body. It involves creativity and collaboration. Therefore, it deals with our relationships and how we process the emotions involved in…

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Pelvic Wisdom

By Holly Glennon | Jan 14, 2019

Pelvic Wisdom / Body Wisdom

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Digestive Care and Flower Essences

By Holly Glennon | Jan 11, 2019

Many people feel they have a connection with the image highlighted at the top of this post. Clients are not always eager and ready to share specifics regarding their digestion. Some may even not really pay attention to how often they “go”, and then wonder why they are feeling they way there are feeling – this can definitely lead to…

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Gut Wisdom

By Holly Glennon | Jan 7, 2019

Have you ever been in a situation when you just “felt it in the pit of your stomach”? Maybe you had a situation when you needed to ask the advise of someone and there was no one available to ask, yet your “gut” had already given you the answer? Have you ever considered asking your body to share it’s innate…

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Heart Care with Flower Essences

By Holly Glennon | Jan 4, 2019

Flower Essences and the heart

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Heart Wisdom

By Holly Glennon | Dec 26, 2018

Heart Wisdom / Body Wisdom

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