Such Grace / Such Beauty

By Holly Glennon | Jul 20, 2018

Here we are, back in the public park in Ireland. I found this peaceful photo opportunity and want to share it with you. Such grace and such beauty right there in front of my eyes. I enjoyed watching the swan gliding across the water with such grace. When was the last time you put life on hold and truly looked…

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A Magical Place

By Holly Glennon | Jul 11, 2018

On that same trip to Dublin Ireland last year, I came across (what I considered) a magical place, a special place. It was a place that literally called to me.  I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame, knowing there was “something” there for me. It was the same feeling for me when I met Dr Martine…

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By Holly Glennon | Jul 2, 2018

I photographed this tree in a public park in Dublin Ireland last year. I could have easily spent hours communing with this amazing tree.  I was seeking a few moments communicating with the tree, learning lessons for my life. Most trees give me a sense of “as above, so below”; a reaching for the heavens while staying grounded in this…

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By Holly Glennon | Jun 12, 2018

Many plants can easily show they are healthy and doing well by growing flower buds and then allowing them to open.  In the process they are allowing the sweetness of their lives to be on display for us to enjoy and others  to enjoy – such as the bee in this photo! Truly prospering, flourishing … offering and sharing what…

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By Holly Glennon | Jun 5, 2018

A week ago or so, back in my yard, I found myself taking yet another photo of a flowering rhododendron.  What beauty that planted displayed, do you agree? A thriving, old growth planting, placed here long before my time on this land. Prodded me to notice how people thrive in our world. Yes, there are times when I see client’s…

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By Holly Glennon | Jun 1, 2018

Just the other day I noticed how wonderfully colorful my yard is.  Having perennial plants flowering is an amazing gift received without much effort at all. The same can be true for you! Yes, you need to find the best location for the plant to root itself, and actually do a bit of work digging in the soil, etc. However,…

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Oh my aching feet …

By Holly Glennon | Aug 23, 2017

I can not tell you how many times the phone has rung and the person on the other end tells me their feet are “aching”.  There are many reasons why our feet feel sore and ache.  What we all need to remember is our feet are our foundation. Think about it … Just as our homes are meant to have…

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An amazing job

By Holly Glennon | Jun 19, 2017

While taking a walk in a local park just the other day, I came upon this lil creature. He was making his way ever so slowly across the moss. I decided to take some time to watch him as he moved, carrying his home on his back. He seemed at such ease as he appeared to glide over the lushness…

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By Holly Glennon | Jun 4, 2017

While riding my bike on a local bike trail I saw this downed tree. The sweet smell of an evergreen filled the air as I rode by the trunk laying beside the trail. There is something about the distinct smell of an evergreen that causes me to take notice, and breathe the essence of that magnificently strong tree even deeper…

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