Gut Wisdom

Have you ever been in a situation when you just “felt it in the pit of your stomach”? Maybe you had a situation when you needed to ask the advise of someone and there was no one available to ask, yet your “gut” had already given you the answer? Have you ever considered asking your … More Gut Wisdom


A week ago or so, back in my yard, I found myself taking yet another photo of a flowering rhododendron.  What beauty that planted displayed, do you agree? A thriving, old growth planting, placed here long before my time on this land. Prodded me to notice how people thrive in our world. Yes, there are … More Thrive


Earlier this month I attended a Breath Circle here at my office. It was not my first time, and will not be my last. Part of the practice involves bringing an item or items to place in the energy of the circle – I think of this as part blessing, part intention, and part honoring … More Peace


Everyone needs support.  To be in a community where you feel “you belong”.  A place where you feel supported, safe and can truly be who you are. In October, while I was away from my office receiving some additional training in Cranio-Sacral Reflexology, I had the opportunity to stay in a beautiful home of a … More Support

MOVE, moving, moved

There comes a time when you feel that “urge” to move. Moving can mean many things, depending on the person and depending on the message meant to be received. Sometimes this involves physically moving your location.  This is where I am.  I have been noticing things have not been “feeling right” for me at the space … More MOVE, moving, moved