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white stone with handprint. The handprint has a spiral on it. | Balanced Body Care"Holly is one of a kind! I tried the remote session from Massachusetts. At first I was a bit skeptical. However, it works not only works, but the experience of working with Holly was amazing. during and after the session. She focus on me. She is very professional, extremely knowledgeable, and what I love the most is that she followed up with me the next day to ask how I was feeling. I recommend Holly my experience was great!"—Carla R.

After moving to to the west coast of Africa, Carla continued with distance sessions, and has had this to say: “With all that is going on in the world and in my personal life, I was experiencing anxiety and stress. I needed help and guidance. I needed to feel more balanced. With one session with Holly I felt more relaxed, centered, in peace to face the world and take positive decisions about my life. I felt warm sensation in my body and tingling in my head even though it was an online session. After the session, the peace and tranquility last for days. Holly is a great professional, she emailed me the next day to check on me. She offered counseling and support, I love her work! Thank you Holly.”

"Because of COVID precautions, I had my first distance cranial sacral reflexology session with Holly. It was a morning appointment and although I did not feel particularly tired, I fell asleep for the hour and a half of treatment. I woke up cheerful and more rested than I had felt in a while: my body felt grounded; my movement was fluid and pain-free; I enjoyed mental clarity and emotional ease the rest of that day. And, that wellbeing extended for days following the session.

After the session, Holly sent me an email with detailed notes about my system which helped me focus my self-care. It was also fascinating to have her written feedback. Based on previous positive experiences with distance treatments of other types, I expected to have substantial results. However, the abundant benefits from my distance session with Holly still surprised me and exceeded my expectations. It was very nourishing to receive the treatment while staying safely quarantined in my own home."—Cláudia D.