Sometimes clients need further assistance to shift things energetically. This can come from the plant world and flower essences! A custom flower essence blend is very helpful for the emotional body; they assist in shifting negative thought patterns and their physical effects, to positive thought patterns - they affect us on a more subtle level, yet have profound effects on our physical and mental health as well.

Flower essences are incredibly individual and their effects will be different for each person. Each essence is indicated for a specific personality type and their patterns. They work in a very subtle manner, so their effects make take some time, though those who are very sensitive can sometimes feel a more immediate shift. Most find using flower essences to be a loving, comforting and gentle experience. You may notice changes in your mood, energy and overall health, as well as inner transformations.

There are 38 different Bach® flower remedies and one emergency formula. Each remedy resolves a specific emotional state.

Benefits Include:

  • Help transform negative thought patterns that can hinder communication within our body, mind and spirit.
  • Adjust and elevate the energetic flow found within our body. By creating a higher vibration of consciousness within, they will then effect any current or potential disease states, by influencing the subtle bodies and then gradually influence the physical body.

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Flower essences are the energetic imprint of flowers captured in spring water at the height of their bloom. The water becomes the carrier of that particular flower’s energy and vibration! This infused water is then preserved with alcohol and diluted to stock and dosage dilutions.

Working with these vibrations, offers one an opportunity to shift one’s beliefs, conceptions, ideas of science and long-term patterns to a place of greater awareness and understanding. A flower essence blend can offer much more than the temporary relief of an emotional state or physical difficulty. Flower essences are contributing to a change in a soul’s life pattern and consciousness.

“... behind all disease lie our fears our anxieties, our greed our likes and dislikes. Let us seek these out and heal them, and with the healing of them will go the disease from which we suffer.”~The Twelve Healers and other remedies by Dr. Edward Bach

“In illness there is a change in mood from that in ordinary life, and those who are observant can notice this change often before, and sometimes long before, the disease appears, and by treatment can prevent the malady ever appearing. When illness has been present for some time again the mood of the sufferer will guide to the correct remedy.”~The Twelve Healers and other remedies by Dr. Edward Bach

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bleeding heart flowers | Balanced Body Care“Holly's work is practical and subtle--I've walked out of sessions with restored movement, lessened pain, and psychologically lighter. Recently I had a distance session while conforming to COVID-19 social distancing—and received the same level of results—both physical and energetic. I feel very lucky to have access to such a talented practitioner.” ~ Claudia