Ear Reflexology


Ear reflexology, has it’s roots in Auriculotherapy also known as ear acupuncture. This specialized therapy was first described by a Dr. Paul Nogier, a French physician, who is considered the Father of modern ear acupuncture.

Most every area of the ear corresponds to an area of the body. These points can become discolored or become tender, as soon as pain or a functional disorder is provoked within the body. The mind, body, spirt and emotions are all connected and can be addressed and treated during an ear reflexology session!

Benefits include:

  • pain relief
  • increased blood circulation throughout the entire body
  • improved movement of lymph throughout the body
  • stimulation of brain function
  • activates meridians (energy flows in the body) and qi (energy) regulation
  • rapid and obvious results – most client notice a reduction of complaints after the first session!


Are you wondering …

Ear Reflexology – What might I experience?