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you're not healing fast enough?

other treatments don't offer lasting effects?

something just feels off?


your physical pain is related to your emotions, your stress level, or life events?

Are you ready to heal from the inside out?

Holly Glennon | Balanced Bodycare, Olympia

 I'm Holly Glennon ...

My purpose is to bring together the science,
art and sacredness of healing in a world of constant change.

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Holistic Nurse Consultation

Are you feeling the need to make some changes when it comes to health and wellness challenges? Has a significant change happened in your life?


Vibrational Sound Therapy allows for deeper healing, a focused 60-minute session.


Flower Essences can be added to a session to help shift negative thought patterns to positive and aid in healing.


Flower with water drops | Balanced Bodycare, Olympia

Flower Essences in times of change

By Holly Glennon | Apr 15, 2020

Now more than ever we are faced with the undeniable need for connection and change. Many are dealing with feelings of isolation and fear as we all do our best to stay healthy during this outbreak of a new virus in our world. At times our current situation may seem too much. Too many recommendations…

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magnified bubble | Balanced Bodycare


By Holly Glennon | Apr 8, 2020

Hopefully we are all taking some time to consider things from different perspectives right now. Allowed, Not Allowed … Essential, Non-Essential … even something as basic as the colors of Black and White. Remembering there is always a grey area, isn’t there? How about considering perspectives when it comes to your personal health – physically,…

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glasses | Balanced Bodycare

Looking Forward

By Holly Glennon | Mar 31, 2020

As we all do our best to “Stay Home and Stay Healthy” many bodyworkers are spending time looking at our businesses differently … Literally taking our glasses off and recognizing how the lenses need to be cleaned in order to START LOOKING FORWARD! Perhaps you are taking this time to re-evaluate how you are able to…

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