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you're not healing fast enough?

other treatments don't offer lasting effects?

something just feels off?


your physical pain is related to your emotions, your stress level, or life events?

Are you ready to heal from the inside out?

Holly Glennon | Balanced Bodycare, Olympia

 I'm Holly Glennon ...

My purpose is to bring together the science,
art and sacredness of healing in a world of constant change.

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Holistic Nurse Consultation

Are you feeling the need to make some changes when it comes to health and wellness challenges? Has a significant change happened in your life?


Vibrational Sound Therapy allows for deeper healing, a focused 60-minute session.


Flower Essences can be added to a session to help shift negative thought patterns to positive and aid in healing.


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By Holly Glennon | Mar 27, 2020

  During these times of uncertainty and being isolated from our usual routine, we are given time to contemplate things we may not usually have time for in our daily lives. For me this involves coming to the realization of the need to shift things … clean out and clear the path, so to speak.…

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woman meditation on mountain | Balanced Bodycare

Stress and Wisdom Whisperings: Putting it all together …

By Holly Glennon | Jun 11, 2019

Stress is not all bad. We actually need some stress, as Hans Selye (who coined the term as it is currently used and is well known for his stress research) noted, “Without stress, there would be no life.” However, when life’s stress goes in to overload and we have one stressor on top of another,…

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mustard flower | Balanced Bodycare

Flower Essences for the Brain

By Holly Glennon | May 31, 2019

Suppressed emotions, as mentioned in the earlier post regarding Brain Wisdom, can definitely lead to physical discomforts and potentially disease within our bodies. However, the questions seems to always be … “How can we assist our body to make changes to easily (and in a healthy way) release those emotions that have been suppressed and…

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