I practice two types of reflexology in my office: Cranio-Sacral Reflexology and Ear Reflexology. With gentle pressure to certain areas of the foot or ear, positive effects can be felt all over the body. Some benefits include:

  • Pain Relief
  • Reducing stress and encouraging relaxation within the body
  • Stimulation of brain function
  • Establishing optimal movement of the cranio-sacral system and the entire body as a whole
  • Rapid and obvious results – most clients notice a reduction of complaints after the first session!


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Cranio-Sacral Reflexology is a unique form of reflexology integrating osteopathy, cranio-sacral therapy and reflexology. This remarkable technique encourages the potential within your creative brain to bring balance to your physical body, enhance your emotional well-being and improve your mental clarity.

This specific form of reflexology is effective in treating trauma and stress-related conditions and helping to release strain, as well as tension throughout your body.

As a trained Cranio-Sacral Reflexologist, I can read and interpret the cranio-sacral rhythm and appreciate its movement throughout the whole body. I am able to perceive dysfunction by palpating specific points on the head and feet. I then utilize specific techniques on the feet in order to have positive effects and reharmonize the cranial rhythm, also known as the Primary Respiratory Mechanism.

This strikingly precise and potent, yet seemingly subtle form of reflexology has profound effects on your physical body, emotional well being and mental clarity. Together we will gently delve deeper than any other form of reflexology, contacting the cranio-sacral fluid and your soul’s breath—the liquid light found in all of us.


"I have had 8 sessions with Holly! She is an intuitive, caring practitioner who gives special attention to both what you tell her and what her hands tell her is going on in your body. Her approach to reflexology is gentle and she has a huge “tool kit” of resources to draw from. If you have ever considered reflexology, I highly recommend her."—Lyn H. 

“I knew little about Cranio-Sacral Reflexology and made an appointment after hearing rave reviews about Holly from another person who had a treatment. I have had numerous massages over the years, and would feel good for a few hours or a day, but after one treatment by Holly, all of my aches and pains disappeared and I had the best night's sleep in a long time. The results also lasted, which was amazing. Holly is a kind, wonderful and very skilled practitioner and I highly recommend her services.”—Leanne M.

"Thank you very much for bringing me through this difficult year and I look forward to a much better one this coming year. Stay healthy and keep me healthy too by coming each month."—JoHanne S., client since 2010
"Going to see Holly is like taking a vacation! It’s my favorite part of the day when I get to see her and get the fabulous treatment. She knows exactly what seems to be going on in my body and is always happy to answer my questions. She is able to pinpoint the areas of my body that need attention and what she points out to me always resonates as one of the issues that I have been noticing. I would recommend to anyone to invest in themselves and check her out."—Heather B.
"Holly is an amazing cranio-sacral reflexologist. She is thorough, knowledgeable, experienced and really good at targeting any pain you may have. My sessions were extremely relaxing and left me feeling balanced and with a higher level of energy. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment with Holly. You'll definitely want more than one."—Lynn P.
"When Holly offered her cranio-sacral/reflexology services through a year-long package, I knew this opportunity was paramount in supporting my commitment to self-care. Holly's depth of knowledge to intuitively blend healing modalities, along with breadth of practice and expertise, allows her to tailor each session to meet my current need. Her guided approach infuses a belief of creating community through healing. Each appointment creates space in my life to envelop my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being in a cocoon of healing care. My monthly appointment with Holly occupies a heart-centered space on my calendar."—Laura S.

“Holly's work is practical and subtle--I've walked out of sessions with restored movement, lessened pain, and psychologically lighter. Recently I had a distance session while conforming to COVID-19 social distancing—and received the same level of results—both physical and energetic. I feel very lucky to have access to such a talented practitioner.”—Cláudia D.


Ear Reflexology, not as well known as foot reflexology, can alleviate many discomforts you may be experiencing. An ear reflexology session is ideal for someone who may have overly sensitive feet. It is a shorter session and can be equally as powerful as a foot reflexology session.

Most every area of the ear corresponds to an area of the body. These points can become discolored or tender, as soon as pain or a functional disorder is provoked within the body. The mind, body, spirit and emotions are all connected and can be addressed and treated during an ear reflexology session!

An interesting fact about ear reflexology: our ears show only what is out of balance in our body today. Chronic conditions will only appear if it is still an issue in your body, mind or spirit at the time of your session.

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“Holly is a treasure. I initially found her as I was looking for a local cranial sacral practitioner.  I was drawn to the marriage of cranial sacral and reflexology. I made an appointment and am so glad I did. I am so grateful to have the profound experience of Holly's presence. I experienced both foot reflexology and ear reflexology. I can't say one was better then the other. They were both deep and had instant and deep healing on my body. The changes have been lasting. I so appreciate Holly's follow through to our time together, sending me an email check up and notes of her reflections of what she observed during our time together. Holly is a very caring person and a profound healer. If you are lucky enough to find an open appointment...take will be better for your time spend with this amazing lady!" ~ Ellen T.