Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) combines powerful vibration and tones to induce an immediate relaxation state. Together we will create a space for healing as your body, mind and spirit become aware of the deeper healing taking place during a session.

Almost immediately upon hearing a bowl, your body and mind will begin to relax. By placing the therapeutic singing bowls directly on your body, you will feel effects physically within the tissues of your body. During a session, our minds are acutely tuned to tones, or combinations of tones, which effect our conscious brain causing our mind to calm more quickly and efficiently than during meditation alone.

Benefits include:

  • Decrease in muscle tension, reducing everyday discomforts and chronic pain
  • The mind becomes calm, yet focused – allowing you to concentrate when necessary
  • Helps to balance your moods – helping with anxiety, depression and more
  • Blood pressure decreases
  • Harmful effects of prolonged exposure to stress seem to melt away
  • Boosts confidence.

One remarkable thing about this modality is that once you are familiar with the process of Vibrational Sound Therapy, the overall time between the beginning of the session and the point of relaxation becomes even shorter, and the results last longer!



"I have been in therapy with Holly for 8 months. I started with Cranio-Sacral reflexology, then she added a small amount of Vibrational Sound Therapy. My last session was strictly VST. The benefits have been extraordinary. Relief from neck and back pain, improved sleep, and a calmness I have not had for a long time.

The session that was totally VST relieved my tinnitus so that it was barely audible for several days. This is amazing!

My mind has settled down since my sessions with Holly.

It is also beneficial that Holly has a knowledge of Western medicine and integrative therapies. I appreciate her holistic practice. She provides physical, mental and emotional guidance. Thank you Holly!"—Cheryl G.

“I highly recommend Holly for working through emotional and physical pain. She has a tremendous gift that has had a gigantic affect on my life and goals to live in good health.”—Tracy

After follow-up visits, Tracy wrote:  “I have been seeing Holly for about a year now and I really appreciate that her background as an R.N. helps her to “modify” her services during our current pandemic. I feel safe in Holly’s office because she is so careful about cleanliness. I also appreciate that she sends me a “check-in” message the day before our appointment to ensure all CDC recommendations for reducing the spread of Covid-19 are being practiced. I highly recommend in-person or remote sessions with Holly as her reflexology work makes a huge difference in my health.”